August 30, 2022  |  Happy Tail


Join the MD SPCA's Festival for the Animals to save pets like Kingston! Sign up at Read more

August 30, 2022  |  Happy Tail

Pool Party

Young, fun Pool Party came to MD SPCA from another shelter in need of hip surgery. We’re unsure how she came to need this surgery... Read more

August 16, 2022  |  Happy Tail


An act of kindness can save a life. Roxy (then Dreamy) was found limping on the street in Baltimore City on a cold spring evening... Read more

August 8, 2022  |  Happy Tail

Max Powers

Five-year-old Max Powers had quite the journey! He arrived at the MD SPCA suffering from Intervertebral Disc Disease. MD SPCA staff and Max’s... Read more

July 25, 2022  |  Happy Tail


Tiny Gigi and her litter were just one week old when they arrived at MD SPCA nursing on their momma. The whole family went to an experienced foster... Read more

July 5, 2022  |  Happy Tail


On a cold spring day, Lightbulb was found in a container on the side of the road. A good Samaritan brought her to the MD SPCA. Lightbulb was rushed... Read more

June 20, 2022  |  Happy Tail


One evening in May, a staff member leaving for the day saw a carrier in our driveway. Their heart sank when they realized a cat was inside... Read more

May 16, 2022  |  Happy Tail


Sweet old Walter was found running into the street in Baltimore City on a chilly January day. A passerby scooped up the blind, severely matted... Read more

May 2, 2022  |  Happy Tail

Chunky Monkey

Chunky Monkey was transferred to MD SPCA from another shelter in January. He was very sweet in his intake exam, purring the whole time... Read more

April 18, 2022  |  Happy Tail

Dann Mann

Dann Mann arrived at the MD SPCA in the summer of 2021 with wild good looks, energy, and… heartworms! Heartworms are a parasite carried by... Read more


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