For pets who are suffering from serious illness or injury and are at the end of their lives, the Maryland SPCA offers low-cost, owner-requested euthanasia.

Making the decision when to put a pet to sleep can be very difficult and emotionally challenging. Talking with your pet’s veterinarian about your pet’s health, comfort, and quality of life is the first step in this process.

Here are two articles from VCA Hospitals, one of our partners, that can also aid in determining your pet’s quality of life:

The Maryland SPCA will not euthanize healthy or adoptable pets, so it’s important to have your pet’s veterinary records available. For procedures done at the Maryland SPCA shelter location, owners may not be present in the room during euthanasia.

Euthanasia services are available by appointment only:

  • Monday through Friday: 12pm – 5pm

For appointments or questions email or call 410-235-8826 extension 2502.


The Maryland SPCA offers pet cremation services to the public. If you need to have a pet cremated, please email or call 410-235-8826 extension 2502. Fees are based on the animal’s weight. 

Private cremation

  • 0 – 30lbs: $180
  • 31 – 70lbs: $210
  • 71 – 100lbs:  $230
  • 101 – 130lbs: $280

Communal cremation

  • 0 – 30lbs: $65
  • 31 – 70lbs: $100
  • 71 – 100lbs: $130
  • 101 – 130lbs: $180

This fee covers the humane euthanasia service as well as cremation.

For appointments or questions email or call 410-235-8826 extension 2502.

Please note: The Maryland SPCA does not accept personal checks for owner-requested euthanasia or private pet cremation.


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