Our story begins four years after the American Civil War when we fought to protect the city’s workhorses from exhaustion and abuse.

Since then, we’ve grown and evolved to serve a much greater need: improving the lives of our community’s pets and people.

Today, we operate out of a small campus in the heart of Baltimore. But our impact reaches communities across the state where pets and people most need us.

Areas We Serve:

Community Outreach

Sharing our knowledge and experience, we empower and encourage communities to treat animals with compassion and respect.

Humane Care

Providing a safety net to those in need, we save the lives of vulnerable cats and dogs while connecting people and pets through innovative and targeted services.

Veterinary Services

Delivering quality pet health care, we keep cats and dogs in their homes and strengthen the bonds between people and pets throughout all stages of life.

Financial information

Read the Maryland SPCA’s 2021 audit and 2021 990 tax form.

Did you know

The Maryland SPCA is a critical lifeline for pets who deserve a second chance. There is no limit to how long an animal stays in our care.

Learn more about our impact in the 2021 Annual Report.

Develop and enhance your relationship with your pet through our training classes.

Our veterinary practice can keep your pet healthy and happy. All proceeds benefit animals at the MD SPCA.

Spay and neuter surgery for cats and dogs.

Caring for the health of every new pet that arrives in our care.

Saving the lives of Maryland animals since 1869.

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Your support saves the lives of local cats and dogs.

Help pay for health care essentials and adoption services.

Help pets stay in loving homes where they belong.

Give cats and dogs the gift of your time.

Life-saving knowledge and resources for all your pets' needs.