Brownie was shot twice before wandering onto a Baltimore County farm.

After an emergency amputation of his front leg, he lived the remainder of his days in dog heaven-on-earth, roaming the grounds of his beloved home among the Caves Farm pack until his passing in 2020. After the successful 2019 challenge campaign in Brownie’s name, the fund was created in his memory.

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Homeless cat who needed emergency veterinary care with foster mom

Every day, vulnerable cats and dogs, just like Brownie, come to the MD SPCA.

Clover came to the shelter at eight months old. She was suffering from severe ear pain. Exams and x-rays revealed ulcerated polyps in both ears.

After surgery to remove the polyps, Clover was placed in a foster home with pain meds, antibiotics, and prescription food.

Clover and her foster mom formed an immediate connection. “Within minutes of getting home, she was trilling,” her foster mom said. “I just wanted to spend the whole night sitting there, watching her, because she instantly stole my heart.”

Free from pain, Clover’s personality blossomed: easygoing, caring, funny, curious. It was a perfect match between pet and person. Once Clover recovered, her foster mom adopted her.

The Brownie’s Care Fund makes these happy endings possible for homeless animals.

The Brownie’s Care Fund pays for health care essentials and adoption services

Emergency surgeries for homeless animals

Emergency surgeries

Dog and cat veterinary care for homeless animals

Vaccinations, medications, and vet care

Behavior training for homeless animals

Behavior modification training

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