1 A Bold New Direction

Message from our
executive director

This year, I couldn’t be more excited about what lies ahead for the Maryland SPCA.

Despite the persistent pandemic-related challenges in 2021, we learned, innovated, and charted the course for our future. We developed a three-year plan that lays the groundwork to grow our programs that keep families together, improve our shelter pet care, and better meet our community’s need for veterinary care.

This annual report provides a window into the life-changing work you made possible last year. I hope you also enjoy learning more from three members of our leadership team about the future direction of the MD SPCA.

Thank you so much for your support.


2 2021 Programs

Life-saving care for shelter pets

Father and 4-year-old son couldn't leave injured cat

Hope was found lying in the road by a father and his little boy. When they brought her to the MD SPCA, she was covered in fleas and maggots, severely underweight, and dehydrated. Our staff provided urgent medical care. Watch Now

Abandoned puppy learns to walk

Debbie Walnut was found alone in a public park, unable to use her back legs to walk. But MD SPCA staff believed in this pup. After three weeks of round-the-clock care, staff helped Debbie take her first steps. Watch Now

The Brownie's Care Fund

Stories like these are made possible by the Brownie’s Care Fund. The BCF pays for health care essentials and adoption services for shelter pets. This includes emergency surgeries, vaccines and veterinary care, foster care, and behavior modification training.

Keeping pets with their families

Pet food assistance and free veterinary care

The MD SPCA helps families keep their pets when they experience hard times. Kibble Connection provides free dog and cat food, while our PAW Plus program brings veterinary care (including exams, vaccines, and meds) under-resourced neighborhoods.

Dogs Louis, Shiloh stay with amazing dad

Roger is a client of both Kibble Connection and PAW Plus. These crucial programs have allowed him to keep his adoring dogs while he gets through a hard time. "I'm just so appreciative of everyone's caring," Roger says. "Everyone's accommodating and friendly, and on top of that, dog and cat loving."

The Lucy Community Fund

The Lucy Community Fund makes possible our important work with pet families. It provides free pet food, access to veterinary care at free clinics, temporary pet housing, and other critical supports to help struggling families keep the pets they love.

3 Our Impact

4 The William Woodward Award

2021 Recipient

Lisa Radov

The MD SPCA honored Lisa Radov with our 2021 William Woodward Award for outstanding service to pets and people. As president of Maryland Votes for Animals, Lisa has helped pass major laws to improve animals’ lives in Maryland. That includes the Maryland Spay/Neuter Fund, making animal killing contests illegal, and making animal sexual abuse a felony.

Watch The Video

5 Financials


Annual Income

Annual Income

  1. Department of Agriculture – $64,286
  2. Other Operations Income – $78,800
  3. Adoptions – $178,253
  4. Spay/Neuter Fees – $259,845
  5. Events – $279,024
  6. Wellness Clinic – $458,939
  7. Paycheck Protection Program – $754,680
  8. Institutional Contributions – $829,040
  9. Bequests and Planned Giving – $1,000,430
  10. Interest/Gains – $1,432,917
  11. Individual Contributions – $2,784,995




  1. Education – $36,493
  2. Outside Fees – $111,613
  3. Office and General – $234,863
  4. Marketing and Events – $509,634
  5. Animal Care – $544,866
  6. Facilities and Maintenance – $810,691
  7. Salaries and Benefits – $4,474,847

6 Our Board of Directors

  • President
    Sharon Kroupa
  • Vice President
    Peter Askew
  • Vice President
    Barb Simmons
  • Treasurer
    Gregg Gorman
  • Secretary
    Jennifer Viglucci
  • Past President
    Joanne Pollak
  • Tina Beliveau
  • Cheryl Bernard-Smith
  • Anne Broadus
  • Barb Clapp
  • Lisa Dembeck
  • Terri Jones
  • Carin Lazarus
  • Rachid Medarhri
  • M. John Meyer
  • Carrie Montague
  • Natalie O’Neil
  • Olachi Opara
  • Kera Ritter
  • Kevin Rochlitz
  • Estelle Ward, DVM
  • Eric DeCosta, Board Ambassador
  • Randy Brinton, Board member Emeritus
  • Howie Wolfe, Board member Emeritus

7 2021 Donors

  • Founders' Circle ($25,000+)

    • Nancy Alquist
    • Peter and Anne Askew^
    • William P. Baker
    • Robin and Toby Bozzuto
    • Caves Farm
    • Carin and Brian Lazarus
    • Mike and Natalie O’Neil
    • Joanne and Mark Pollak^
    • Anonymous
  • 1869 Circle ($10,000–$24,999)

    • Rebecca Besson and Stuart Cooper
    • Bonnie and David Bonn^
    • Barbara Boudreau and Donna Arbuthnot^
    • Cathy Cahnmann^
    • Gina Campbell
    • Lacie and Eric DeCosta
    • Patricia A. Gallagher
    • Tricia and Steve Hinkel
    • Dave Imre and Tom Crusse
    • Evelyn Johnson Charitable
    • Foundation Inc.
    • Sharon Kroupa^
    • Amy and Charles Lester^
    • Ginna Naylor and Jim Potter^
    • Joan S. and Rajeev Ranadive^
    • Kera Ritter
    • Richard M. Ruane^
    • Mark and Robin Schermerhorn
    • Anne L. Stone
    • Peter S. Tinsley
    • Susan Tonascia^
    • Drs. Estelle and Jeffrey Ward
    • Anonymous (2)
  • Humane Heroes Circle ($5,000–$9,999)

    • Ted Alban^
    • David and Eric Beard-Sackett
    • Cheri Belski
    • Mr. and Mrs. Perry J. Bolton^
    • Laetitia M. Brooks
    • Robert Bruns
    • Jeffrey Burch and Lou M. Ghitman
    • Nancy Dorman and Stan Mazaroff^
    • Elizabeth Drigotas^
    • Eliza and David Dunn
    • Spaulding and Cynthia Goetze
    • Anne A. Jamison
    • Diane Lane
    • Lois and Philip Macht Family
    • Philanthropic Fund
    • Bill Magruder^
    • Amy and Hugh McGuirk
    • Dr. Lisa Murray
    • Joan and Bob Ottenritter
    • Charlotte Palmer Phillips Foundation
    • Alan Penczek^
    • Charlotte and Randall Robinson^
    • Jonathan Ruckdeschel and Jane O’Leary
    • Linda Schneidereith^
    • Kathleen N. Thomas
    • Robert and Arden Travers
    • Jennifer and Tony Viglucci
    • Dorothy Wagner Wallis Charitable Trust^
    • Susan and Robert Waldman
    • Anne and Chris West^
    • Anonymous (5)
  • Evergreen on the Falls Circle ($2,500–$4,999)

    • Jeanne and Kurt Aarsand
    • Renee Agnew
    • Katie Applefeld
    • Brenda Ashworth and Donald Welch
    • Drs. Katie and Eric Bass^
    • Tina and Andrew Beliveau
    • Cheryl Bernard-Smith and Chip Smith
    • The Besson’s Landing Foundation, Inc.
    • Jeanne and Michael Biemer
    • Anne and Toby Broadus^
    • John and Tracey Chessare
    • Ann K. Clapp^
    • Charles and Kathleen Clark
    • Sibley and Ward Classen
    • Letha and Terry Cope
    • Barry Daly and Jane Dowling
    • David L. Donabedian
    • Bruce and Lindsay Fleming
    • Charlene Fletcher
    • Katie Flory
    • Tom and Amy Geddes
    • Martha and Tad Glenn
    • Gregg and Cathy Gorman
    • Karen E.H. Gouline
    • Donna Grauel
    • Parice Halbert
    • Kelly and Richard Hupfeld^
    • Marta D.V. and Alfred D. Johnson
    • Rodica I. Johnson^
    • Terri and Kyle Jones
    • Pam and Bob Kaplan
    • Jody and Jim Lemken^
    • Joann and William Marchi
    • Jean and Fred Maurhoff
    • Frank, Emma, and Scott McBride*
    • John and Kris Meyer
    • Edward and Katherine Mitzel
    • Carrie and Alex Montague
    • The Muller Foundation
    • Pat Mulligan
    • Mildred E. Murray
    • Peter and Diane Nachtwey
    • Daniel Neumayer
    • The Ochs Family Foundation, Inc.
    • Jen Osborn
    • Glynn I. Owens
    • Linda Lee Panlilio
    • Charlotte Peltz and Celeste Nader
    • Jennie and Jake Rasmussen
    • James S. and Gail P. Riepe Charitable Foundation^
    • Kevin and Melissa Rochlitz
    • The Rosen Family (Rachel, Zachary, Mark, and Georgia)
    • Ingo Ruczinski
    • Dorothy and David Sawyer
    • Karen Schaefer
    • Barbara and Albert Simmons
    • Hon. Carol E. Smith
    • Rona and Norman Smith^
    • Jamie Mason and Paul Stagg
    • Richard and Diane Thornton
    • Mark and Wendy Warren^
    • Susan G. Waxter
    • Sandra Wighton
    • Chris and Jim Wright^
    • Anonymous (10)
  • President’s Circle ($1,000–$2,499)

    • Dr. Mahmood and Mrs. Linda Alikhan
    • Ilene Asner and Rick Kramer^
    • Sarah Atas
    • Gina Atwood
    • Rebecca Barney and Chad Pfrommer
    • Chara R. Bauer
    • Lois A. Berg
    • Brian, Heidi, and Anna Berghuis
    • Jules J. Berman
    • Bobbie and Glen Bjorklund
    • Sandra and Neal Black
    • William M. Blackstone
    • Dr. John and Cheryl Blenko^
    • John and Carolyn Boitnott^
    • Bonnie and John Boland, Ph.D.s^
    • Holly Burkett
    • The Campbell Foundation
    • Judith Campbell McKennis^
    • Gertrude A. Cannady
    • Linda Carter
    • Janice L. Checket
    • Christine Chin
    • Barb Clapp
    • Kathleen Coakley
    • Laura and David Cole
    • Jesse Collins
    • Karen and the late John Colvin^
    • Sandra L. Crockett
    • Deborah Davis
    • Dina and George Davis^
    • Ann Marie Debiase
    • Caitlin Demchuk
    • Ross and Michele Donehower
    • Jennifer L. Dunworth
    • Susan Eckenrode
    • Dr. John B. Egger
    • Mark Faggert
    • Dick and Barbara Fairbanks
    • Michael Fall
    • Mr. Charles C. Fenwick III
    • Brian Ferguson
    • Roger and Cheryl Fiery^
    • Dr. John and Cathie Fioramonti
    • Kevin Fitzpatrick
    • Ruth M. and Bernard Fleishman
    • Gina Foringer and Laura Laing
    • Neal Friedlander and Virginia Adams
    • Louis and Phyllis Friedman Foundation, Inc.
    • Sylvia Gerston*
    • Maura Gilday
    • Nancy Glazer Dickman Family
    • Foundation^
    • Harvey Goldberg
    • Dr. Charlene Griffin
    • George Grose and Amy Macht
    • Edward and Cindy Halle
    • Elizabeth Hamberry
    • Mary and John Hammond
    • Victoria and James Handa
    • Nan Hayworth
    • Georgia C. Heckler
    • Paul Hemme
    • Mary and Charles Hesdorffer
    • Jane Hill
    • Eric Hindman and Pauline Reznicek
    • Heather Holland
    • Heather Holt
    • Robert and Jenny Hopkins
    • Garry E. Hopple
    • Kathleen Travers Horner
    • Joseph F. Hradsky
    • Lita Hughes
    • Eric and Shannon Huston
    • Cornelia M. Ives
    • Bruce Johnson
    • Dr. Gabe Kelen
    • Townsend and Bob Kent
    • Jack Kent
    • Patricia and Timothy Kinlock
    • Deborah Knecht
    • Jessica Lanzillotti
    • Julie Laslett
    • John Lawrence^
    • Katie Ryan Lekin and Jim Lekin
    • Dale Levitz and Judge Dana Levitz
    • Debra J. Macey
    • Susie Macfarlane^
    • Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Margolis
    • Jeffrey L. Martin
    • Mrs. Rand R. Mason^
    • Robert R. McCrae
    • Claire M. McDonough
    • John and Laura McNulty
    • Lucy Melvin
    • Yvonne Molotsi
    • Bill and Maria Montgomery
    • Carla and John Moose
    • Joe and Dina Moxey
    • Barbara L. Mueller
    • Amy Mullen
    • James C. Murray
    • Mark Allan Myers
    • Terry S. Nelson
    • Nina and David Noble
    • Sheila M. O’Neill
    • Carole and Bill Oliver^
    • Amanda Owens
    • Harry and Anna Page
    • Diane Pappas
    • Mary Charlotte Parr
    • Thomas A. Payne
    • Jim Peirce and Jeremy Sugarman
    • Marilyn Phelps
    • Naudane and Jay Phillips
    • Brian C. Phipps
    • Mary-Ann and Wally Pinkard^
    • Gregory and Donna Prott
    • The Reading Family
    • Susannah and William Rienhoff
    • Julia Ro
    • Lucy and Kevin Robins
    • Michele and Andrew Rosenstein
    • Robert and Patricia Rubino
    • Claudia and Steve Salzberg
    • Laura R. Sapp
    • Dr. Thomas M. Scalea
    • Bob and Elaine Schaefer^
    • Barry Schapiro^
    • Debra Schubert and Byron Olson
    • Betsy and Stephen Scott
    • Diane and Joe Seeger
    • Alyssa Shedlosky
    • Stephanie Short
    • Sandra Skidmore
    • Lynda L. Slyder and Julia E. Eason
    • Barbara L. Solomon
    • Josh Spiegel
    • Carole A. Stafford
    • Phyllis A. Steiner
    • Doris Sweet
    • Mary, Tony, and Miriam Talalay
    • Laura and George Thomas
    • Charles and Cecilia Thompson
    • Jennifer L. Tittsworth
    • Linda D. Valle
    • Barry Vaughan
    • Joseph Verbalis
    • Ann D. and Charles Walker
    • Bonna Walker and Mark Kaiser
    • Carol Warren
    • Alison Wells
    • John and Marie Wells
    • Brian Wesner
    • Linda J. Wessells
    • Linda D. Whippo
    • Barbara Mattingly Wilson^
    • Jean Woods
    • Andi and Dan Worthington^
    • Gary and Janet Yankanich
    • Carol Younts
    • Dan Zeller
    • Anonymous (97)

* in tribute.
^ Silver Lifesaver, a Lifesaver for a decade or more.


  • Aardmore Veterinary Hospital
  • Anonymous
  • Antech Diagnostics
  • ATI Performance Products, Inc.
  • Baltimore Community Foundation
  • Baltimore Ravens
  • Bank of America Charitable Foundation
  • Becton, Dickinson and Company
  • Blue Pit LLC
  • Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health USA Inc.
  • Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.
  • Buckingham School of Frederick County, MD
  • Cat Hospital at Towson
  • Certified CIO
  • Community Foundation of Howard County
  • Constellation
  • Constellation Energy
  • Dorothy Wagner Wallis Charitable Trust
  • Ellin & Tucker
  • Enterprise Holdings Foundation
  • Exelon
  • Franklin Templeton Charitable Giving Program
  • Good Doggie Day Care, Inc.
  • Greater Horizons
  • Hair Off the Dog Grooming Salon & Spa
  • Helmut Wolfgang Schumann Foundation
  • Heritage Toyota | MileOne Autogroup
  • Hill's Pet Nutrition
  • Huntsinger & Jeffer
  • Joe's Bike Shop Racing Team
  • Koch Family Foundation, Inc.
  • Laverna Hahn Charitable Trust
  • Lois and Philip Macht Family Foundation of the Associated
  • Marshfield Inc.
  • Maryland Department of Agriculture
  • Meals on Wheels
  • MedStar Health Inc.
  • Monster Lead Group
  • Mutual of America Life Insurance Company
  • Nelson Coleman Jewelers
  • North Shore American Animal League
  • Northrop Grumman Employees -PAC (ENGPAC)
  • Open Society Foundations
  • Petco Love
  • Petsmart Charities
  • PNC Charitable Trust
  • PNC Foundation
  • Saul Zaentz Charitable Foundation
  • State Farm | Cyndi Kuhn, Agent
  • Subaru of America Inc.
  • T. Rowe Price
  • The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement
  • The M&T Charitable Foundation
  • The Markell Co LLC
  • The Progress Family Foundation, Inc.
  • The Southern Galvanizing Co
  • United Way of Central MD
  • United Way of East Central IA
  • Vaccaro's Italian Pastry Shop, Inc.
  • VCA Charities
  • Venable Foundation, Inc.
  • Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.
  • Weis Markets, Inc.
  • West Friendship Animal Hospital
  • Whiteford, Taylor and Preston
  • William Blair and Company

In-Kind Donors

    • Alliance Material Handling
    • Amazon
    • Carlyle Baltimore Holdings and Carlyle Next, LLC
    • Foundry19
    • Greater Good Charities
    • Media Star Promotions
    • Prologis
    • Safeway
    • Southland Industries
    • The Banfield Foundation

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