July 5, 2022  |  Happy Tail


On a cold spring day, Lightbulb was found in a container on the side of the road. A good Samaritan brought her to the MD SPCA.

Lightbulb was rushed to our exam room, where staff observed her protruding ribs, hips, and spine. She was dehydrated with diarrhea but otherwise stable. The team gave her fluids, dewormer, probiotics, puppy formula, and heat support. They also arranged for an experienced puppy foster. 

Lightbulb’s foster family managed her feeding plan to help her gain weight. They also gave her playtime and rest so she could grow her puppy muscles and bones.

MD SPCA staff were thrilled at the pace of Lightbulb’s recovery.

“Lightbulb is a joyful puppy ready to brighten up your life!” her foster parent told potential adopters at the time. “I can’t pick what her favorite thing is, because it is an equal tie between food, cuddles, toys, and meeting new friends. She’s been learning about leashes and crates and playing gently and has already shown that she is smart and eager to learn.

“She’s ready to turn mopping into a tug-of-war match and will keep you company by following you room to room all day. If you’re willing to carry on her training, do lots of playing, and rub her belly, you are sure to get a wonderful little friend for life.”

It wasn’t long before this shining light of a puppy was cleared and adopted into a loving home. Congratulations, Lightbulb!

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