August 30, 2022  |  Happy Tail


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Tiny baby Kingston came to the MD SPCA as a stray on a warm summer morning. His eyes were crusted shut and he had a runny nose, but he was very friendly.

In his intake exam, the MD SPCA medical team saw that he had more than crusty eyes and a runny nose. He also had live fleas and was very underweight. They were very worried about him. They hot compressed the gunk from his eyes and nose. When he could see and breath, he was happy to eat kitten formula. Then they began flea treatment, antibiotics, and sent him to a loving foster home.

After only a week in foster care, and on medication for several days, he began beating his URI and more than doubled in weight! Once he was at a healthy 2.5lbs and cleared from his URI, he was finally ready for his neuter surgery. 

His foster mom says, “I knew we were getting close to Kingston being adoption-ready, so I posted him on my Facebook page in case anyone I knew had a friend looking to adopt a kitten. Luckily, my coworker had a friend looking for a male kitten to be friends with his current cat – which is exactly what Kingston needed! Being a single kitten in foster care, it was clear that the little fella needed a kitty friend to play with, so when this adopter stepped up, I knew it would be a perfect fit. 

I was so excited for Kingston to go to a home with an amazing new dad and kitty sibling! Now he’s living his absolute life, and I love getting updates from his adopter.”

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