Department Overview

The Maryland SPCA’s Community Relations Department runs the Kibble Connection, a program which distributes pet food to rescue groups, community cat caretakers, and individuals who are in need. The Kibble Connection has been a vital resource for those in our community struggling to keep their pets at home, feed feral animals, and continue to foster pets from rescue groups.

Amazon has partnered with the Maryland SPCA to support the Kibble Connection through donations. Twice weekly, we collect donations from Amazon distribution facilities for Kibble Connection pets and shelter pets. Our partnership with Amazon has allowed us to feed thousands of pets annually.

Position Overview

Volunteers assisting as ‘Amazon Warriors’ will join a staff member at Amazon distribution facilities to pick up donations. Volunteers will help reduce the need to send two staff members to the Amazon facility by assisting with loading donations. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Volunteers will do the following under the guidance of the Animal Care team or the Community Relations team:

  • Meet a staff member at the shelter building and follow them by car to the Amazon distribution facility. (Once experienced and comfortable, the volunteer can rendezvous with the staff member closer to the distribution facility if needed)
  • Assist the staff member in loading Amazon donations into an MDSPCA vehicle
  • Drive back to the shelter and assist staff in unloading donations (if possible)
  • Communicate positively and professionally with MDSPCA staff members and Amazon staff
  • Log all volunteer time, including travel time, in Better Impact.

Eligibility for this Role

Access requirements: Volunteers should have access to a vehicle and be available to meet a staff member at the shelter or nearby to an Amazon distribution facility. Volunteers must be able to lift boxes weighing between 30 lbs – 50 lbs, bend, stoop, and reach.

Volunteers must have access to a cellphone during their shifts to contact staff if they have questions or concerns, and vice versa. Sign-ups for ‘Amazon Warrior’ volunteer shifts will be through Better Impact, and directions will be sent using email.

Skill requirements: Volunteers should possess excellent communications, including active listening.

Characteristics: Volunteers are representatives of the MD SPCA and must act in accordance with our five values – community, compassion, respect, integrity, and innovation while volunteering. Volunteers should be able to follow instructions well and be punctual.

Training Information

Volunteers will have a conversation with the volunteer manager and be emailed instructions prior to beginning this role. Instructions will include:

  • Directions to and from the Amazon distribution centers.
  • Staff member contact information.

Staff Supervision and Support Plan 

Volunteers in this role will work with Animal Care and Community Relations staff and be supported by the Volunteer team.

Location and Working Environment

This volunteer role will be performed at one of two Amazon distribution facilities in the Baltimore area and then outside in the shelter parking lot.

Time Commitment and Scheduling

Volunteers are asked to sign up for at least one shift per month to assist as Amazon Warriors.

If you are interested, please contact

Get Started

The first step to getting started as a volunteer at the MD SPCA is to attend a volunteer orientation. Held twice a month at the MD SPCA, the orientation will provide you with more information about volunteering and allow you to ask about our volunteer policies.

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