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Resources for community-fostering kittens


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Maryland SPCA is following National Animal Control Association recommendations to protect homeless litters as well as staff and volunteers.

If you find a litter of kittens, you shouldn’t bring them to the Maryland SPCA or another shelter. Currently, shelters aren’t equipped to handle it—and it’s not what’s best for the kittens.

Instead, you can help by community fostering. Many factors influence the best way to care for kittens, including whether their mom is still around and whether they’re in a safe place.

Click here for the Maryland SPCA’s guidance on what you should do depending on the situation. You can also watch our Lunch & Learn (below).

The Maryland SPCA can offer free phone consultations at (410) 235-8826. Please leave a message; we’ll contact you as soon as possible. But we can’t pick up any kittens, accept them at our shelter, or guarantee other support.

Lunch & Learn: Fostering Community Cats

Additional resources on caring for kittens

Kitten fostering kit

These are some of the items you’ll need in order to care for kittens.

Charm City Pet Connect

This website compiles pet care resources in one easy place.

Maddie’s Institute | How to Wean Orphaned Kittens on to Solid Food

This video guides caregivers through food selection and preparation, along with tips for handling the transition period.

Best Friends | Kitten Socialization

This resource discusses establishing good litter box habits, discipline, play time, and socializing and handling.

Kitten Lady | Guide to Weaning Kittens

This resource lays out the steps for weaning kittens to prepare them for success and independence.

Kitten Lady | Feeding Weaned Kittens

This resource goes in-depth on feeding weaned kittens.


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