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Adoption Fees

Adoption Fees:

Fees include spay/neuter surgery and first vaccinations. Note: The Maryland SPCA does not accept personal checks for adoption fees. We do accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

  • Dogs over 25lbs: $150
  • Small dogs (up to 25lbs): $275
  • Puppies (under 6 months): $275 + $75 required training class fee:
  • Cats: $80
  • Kittens (under 6 months): $125

Plus, there is a required $25 Pet ID Package. This includes a microchip, collar, and personalized ID tag. A Baltimore City pet license required for all Baltimore City adopters is $10. The retail value of the microchip service alone is $35–$60.

LUCKY 7: Do you have lots of time and lots of love to offer an older dog or cat? Consider welcoming an older pet into your home. Special donors have made it possible for us to waive the adoption fee on select cats and dogs who are seven years of age or older. The Pet ID Package fee is still required.

SPECIAL NEEDS: We also adopt out special needs dogs for reduced fees.



Pet Owner Expenses Given To You Maryland SPCA
Initial Adoption Fee Free $80-$275
Spay/Neuter Surgery $50-$100 Included
General Health/Behavior Exam  $25-$35 Included
Microchip Identification $35-$60 Included
Initial Vaccinations (FVRCP/Cats; DHLPP/Dogs)  $35 Included
Canine Bordatella (For Most Dogs)  $20 Included
Rabies Vaccination $17-$20 Included
De-Worming $10 Included
Tests (FELV/Cats; Heartworm/Dogs)  $20-$60  Included
Treatments (Antibiotics, Mitaclear, etc.)  $5-$10 Included
Revolution treatment for fleas, heartworm, and other parasites  $45-$60 Included
Temporary Carrier, Leash, Collar, ID Tag  $5-$10 Included
Nutritious Food/Treats during Stay  $25-$30 Included
Supplies during Stay (litter, toys, towels, etc.)  $15-$20  Included
Resources: Behavior Advice Pre and Post-Adoption $25-$50 Included
Love and Attention Priceless Included
Total Costs $332-$490 $80-$275

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