July 19, 2021  |  Happy Tail


On February 16, 2021 an 86lbs unaltered American Bulldog was surrendered to the Maryland SPCA. Between notes from the owner, our exam and kennel staff, and a consultation Skylos Sports Medicine, it was confirmed that Zoe had a lot of issues. 

She was allergic to chicken, had a torn ACL in the past, enlarged mammary glands, two tears in her joints, moderate wear on the lower back, mild bilateral hip arthritis and moderate bilateral hind limb arthritis. Despite the pain and discomfort, Zoe was VERY good for her exam. She was absolutely content getting belly rubs for any/all treatments. 

The kennel team notice she was equal parts energy and friendly. Her greatest goal is to always to be near her people and getting loved on. Our teams gave her everything she needed to be happy and healthy with us—from a prescription diet and medicine to appropriate exercise. The Maryland SPCA is funded almost entirely by donations. Without sponsorships from companies like M&T Bank, we wouldn’t be able to treat so many animals like Zoe.

She needed an adopter who could control her body weight, allow Zoe to dictate her activity level, and consult with your veterinarian regarding medications, supplements, and physical therapy plans.  

Thank goodness, after weeks of being on the site and getting TV appearances, Zoe went home with a very experienced adopter who also happened to be a vet tech. We’ve gotten several updates from Zoe’s new family stating that she’s getting along great with the other pets in the house and in the sweetest girl ever. (But we already knew that).




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