May 31, 2022  |  News Update

Do you believe in second chances?

On Friday night, after most of the Maryland SPCA team had gone home for Memorial Day, Kelpie needed more than luck; she needed a superhero.

Kelpie was found in a bin at a McDonald’s. One of her pups had already been born, and mama was in distress.

The MD SPCA veterinarian was called in to perform an emergency C-section. Short on vet techs, staff from other departments volunteered for a crash course in neonatal care to save Kelpie and her pups.

What a hard way to come into the world! It will be weeks before Kelpie or her babies will be strong enough for adoption. Right now, they are with one of our most experienced foster parents.

It’s times like these that the Brownie’s Care Fund is so essential. Every compassionate gift to the Brownie’s Care Fund provides life-saving care; supplies and support for foster families through weeks of weigh-ins and medical checks-up; and so much more.

When you support the BCF, you promise the next cat or dog arriving at the MD SPCA a second chance. What will you make possible today?

I want to make second chances!

Thank you for believing that every pet deserves to feel safe and loved in a home of their own. Thank you for doing more than believing. Thank you for being their superhero.


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