October 25, 2021  |  Happy Tail


Plump Caramel was very stressed when he arrived the MD SPCA.

A stray with no ID, he was whining, howling, panting, and barking in his kennel.

We gave him anti-anxiety meds and kept him in a staff member’s office to take the edge off his stress. Within a week, Caramel went to a foster home with a goal of getting down to a healthy weight.

The foster family said: “Caramel is such a sweet boy. He has settled in here nicely over the last couple of days. He knows a number of commands, including sit, down, [and] paw. And [he’s] learning to stay and wait. [He] loves going out for walks with his human and [he’s] learning to walk nicely on a leash. He gets along very well with Yazhi, my greyhound, but is really attached to me and wants to know I am close by all of the time. [He] gets anxious if isolated either in a crate or in a room and will stay right by the door if I go out and leave him. He is beginning to feel comfortable enough to leave me for short periods during the day and hang out with Yazhi.”

One day, Caramel’s foster dad looked into his eyes and asked “Do you want to stay?” Caramel put his paw in his dad’s hand, seemingly in agreement.

The adoption was finalized and they’re living happily ever after!

We can afford to give stressed, scared pets like Caramel the TLC they need thanks to support from companies like Hill’s Pet Nutrition.


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