Our adoption staff strives to help you find the perfect match. Each year we adopt out more than 3,500 animals to new homes, and new animals enter our adoption program daily. Our adoption center is clean, cheery and our staff is attentive and eager to help you find the right animal to adopt.

Lucky 7 Dogs and Cats

Lucky 7 Dogs and Cats Program at Maryland SPCA

This program is supported in memory of Felix, a senior pet who lived 22 years with his owner and buddy, Robert Leininger.

Kaycee Fund Dogs

Our generous Kaycee Fund donor has committed to covering the adoption fee for one special dog each month.

Pippi Fund Cats

A generous donor has enabled us to establish the Pippi Fund to cover the adoption fee for one special cat each month.

Staff Picks

To help more pets find homes, each month Maryland SPCA staff members will select and highlight a special dog or cat in our adoption center as the Staff Pick of the Month.

Hi, my name is McKenzy and I am looking for the perfect couch. Do you have the perfect couch for me? I'm a big, senior guy, so I'd like a couch that's soft and comfy, with lots of fuzzy blankets I can snuggle up on-those are my favorite. The location of the couch isn't important; it could be near a sunny window, in the TV room, or anywhere else in the house. I wouldn't mind sharing the couch with other kitties, as long as they don't have too much energy, I can't miss my beauty naps! If you had a dog I could negotiate a timeshare. I don't need fancy cat trees or a lot of toys, but I like cardboard scratchers though. Some of my hobbies include relaxing, stretching, snuggling, purring, rubbing my face on my people, and eating my special kidney cat wet and dry food. I do love a good meal! Ideally the soft comfy couch would belong to a kind person who would like to share it with me for the rest of my golden years. I am on a special diet to keep my kidneys healthy, but other than that I am a normal guy. Set up an appointment to meet me by contacting our foster team at foster@mdspca.org.

Volunteer Pet Picks

These pets have been specially selected by our wonderful team of over 1,000 volunteers. Click on their photos to read why we love them!

Please check back for next month's Volunteer Pet Picks.