Puppy Pointers

Adequately socializing puppies during the critical period is the most effective measure to reduce the chance of your dog developing fear-related behaviors as an adult. Live virtual group modules are a cost-effective, flexible option to help your puppy grow up to be a friendly, confident dog.

All-Star Canine

We’re committed to helping you create a positive and lasting relationship between you and your dog. Many behavior problems can be prevented or solved with positive, consistent training and socialization.

All-Star Basics On Demand

All-Star Basics On Demand is a series of self-paced instructional videos that bring you the high-quality instruction of our All-Star Canine class to the comfort of your own home.

Reactive Rover

Has your dog’s on-leash growling, barking, and lunging towards other dogs begun stressing you out? Do you want to understand their behavior better and get some immediate relief? The Reactive Rover options will provide you with the same quality training with the added benefit of working at your pace.


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Our team will help you improve your pet’s behavior using force-free, scientific training methods that emphasize positive reinforcement. Start your pet off right with a “Meet the Trainer” session and then move on to our All-Star Canine and Super-Star Canine classes!


  • One-on-one attention in group setting with certified trainers.
  • Build positive human and pet bonds for a long, healthy life together.
  • Quality resources to continue learning after class.

Did You Know?

Our training classes solve behavior problems and keep pets from being surrendered. Help us help owners keep their pets at home.


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