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Wellness Clinic FAQs

Are appointments needed for services?
All services are by appointment only and appointments are available Monday through Saturday.

Do you have weekend availability?
Yes! We offer appointments on Saturdays. It is best to request a weekend appointment with as much notice as possible. Please call 410-400-WELL to schedule.

Are you able to see emergencies?
Critical health issues such as severe dehydration, broken bones, or canine diseases like parvovirus may require extensive diagnostics, fluid therapy, or overnight stays. As a wellness clinic, we are able to see minor health issues that can be diagnosed with basic diagnostics and treated with medications and home care. You are welcome to call with concerns and our staff will help you evaluate whether your pet’s needs may require more extensive treatment at a full-service facility.

Can I get a health certificate at your facility?
Our veterinarians are able to sign domestic health certificates after completing a wellness exam. For domestic travel, an exam must occur within 10 days of your travel date. 

What types of pet products can I purchase at the clinic?
We offer a variety of pet products all carefully selected by our medical team. We are now carrying Hill’s Science Diet Prescription Food as well as ear cleaners, shampoos, and joint supplements. The veterinarians will be able to recommend specific products based upon each pet’s personal needs.