Department Overview

The Maryland SPCA has been keeping pets and people together since the COVID-19 crisis hit. Our Community Relations Department runs Kibble Connection (KC), a program that provides pet food and supplies to assist families in keeping their pets in their home. Kibble Connection has served over 14,000 pets in 2021, and we are streamlining our efforts to keep the program sustainable as well as keep pets and people together in the future.

Position Overview

Volunteers are an essential part of the Kibble Connection’s success in reaching thousands of pets and people each year. We know transportation is an issue for many individuals, and we don’t want people to be separated from their pets due to challenges in accessing resources. KC Delivery Volunteers will help us solve this challenge by transporting pet supplies from the MD SPCA to recipients’ homes weekly.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Volunteers will pick up recipient’s food and supplies at the MD SPCA on Wednesdays or Saturdays and deliver those supplies to recipients.
  • Volunteers are expected to communicate with the Community Relations team when deliveries have been completed and if they experience any challenges in delivering supplies.
  • While it is not required, we do recommend that KC Delivery Volunteers work in a ‘buddy system’ and volunteer with a member of their household or friend.
  • Volunteers will log their service time in Better Impact after each session.
  • Volunteers should log the time it takes for them to initially drive to the MD SPCA to pick up receipt’s supplies, to the time that they finish their deliveries.


Previous training or experience: If volunteers would like to have a ‘buddy,’ only one member of the pair needs to be a MD SPCA volunteer or foster parent.

Signing and Submitting Required Waiver: Volunteers are required to read and sign the Kibble Connection Delivery Waiver, which is posted on Better Impact under “Files.” Volunteers must sign the waiver prior to their first delivery.

Access: Volunteers must have their own transportation, vehicle insurance, a mobile phone, and access to email. Volunteers should be able to lift 25-50 lbs. either by themselves or with their ‘buddy.’

Skill Requirements: Volunteers should be able to follow a GPS or use a map to reach recipients homes. Volunteers must have excellent communication and follow up skills.

Characteristics: Volunteers are representatives of the MD SPCA and must act in accordance with our five core values – community, compassion, respect, integrity, and innovation while volunteering. Due to the sensitive nature of this volunteer role, we require that volunteers possess excellent judgment, discretion, and are safety conscious. A list of safety tips will be provided for every volunteer.

Volunteers should be willing to deliver supplies to the addresses and clients that have requested these resources, including locations throughout Baltimore City and local surrounding areas.

Training Information

Training will include a half hour virtual training or in person session where the Outreach Coordinator will review the delivery process, expectations, and answer any questions.

Time Commitment and Scheduling

Deliveries will take place on weekdays and Saturdays. Changes may occur which will be determined and communicated by the Community Relations Department.

Volunteers must attend a general volunteer orientation and then a 30-minute virtual or in person training with the Outreach Coordinator.

After completing this process, volunteers will be added to the list of KC Delivery Volunteers and will then be contacted by the Community Relations Department via email and/or by phone to schedule specific KC Delivery shifts.

Safety Requirements

Volunteers are required to wear a properly fitted face mask while picking up and delivering supplies. Volunteers must agree never to enter a recipient’s residence. Volunteers are required to keep recipient’s personal information (name, address, and contact information) confidential. Any volunteer not in compliance with these requirements will not be invited to continue this role.

Staff Supervisor and Support Plan

This role will be supervised by the Community Relations team and supported by the Volunteer team. If challenges occur prior to or during a KC Delivery Volunteer shift, the volunteer should contact the Outreach Coordinator or the Community Relations Director.

Get Started

If you want to volunteer at the Maryland SPCA, the first step is signing up for a volunteer orientation. You'll learn more about volunteering and have the chance to ask questions. Currently, orientation and initial training are being done online.

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