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Maryland SPCA Foster Agreement:

I agree to the following conditions:

  • I certify that my own pets are currently up-to-date on their vaccinations. FVRCP and Rabies are required for cats. Dogs are required to have Canine Distemper (DA2PPv or DHLPP), Bordetella and Rabies. The vet will be called to confirm, or you can provide us with verification.
  • I understand that it is suggested that I keep my pets separate from the foster animals for at least the first week. If introduced, I will supervise the animals. If the animals do not get along, I agree to keep them separate. I understand that there are risks to introducing foster animals to my own and I assume that risk. I understand that the MD SPCA cannot treat my owned animals if they get sick from contact with a foster animal.
  • Should the foster animal(s) become ill while in my care, I will call the Foster Coordinator at 410-235-8826, ext. 147 (during business hours) or if it is after hours and an emergency please call: (443) 863-8235.
  • I will only bring the foster animal(s) to an emergency vet if instructed to do so by a representative of the MDSPCA. If the MDSPCA did not recommend an emergency vet visit, I agree to take responsibility for any costs associated with this visit. I also agree to notify the MDSPCA and provide records from this visit.
  • I fully understand that the foster animals are the property of The Maryland SPCA. I agree to follow any decisions made by the MDSPCA regarding the return and/or the disposition of the foster animal(s).
  • I agree to return the foster animal(s) as instructed to do so. I understand that a Foster representative and I will set a tentative return date at the time I pick up the pet.
  • I agree not to post pictures of my foster animals on Facebook or any other internet site unless given permission by the Foster Coordinator.
  • I agree to notify the MDSPCA if the foster animal(s) escape(s) from my home.
  • I understand that I must have a current tetanus vaccination and report all bites and scratches to the Foster Coordinator.
  • I agree that due to health risks, I am not to take any foster animals to parks, pet stores or other areas of high activity.
  • I will solely foster for the Maryland SPCA unless I otherwise notify the Foster Coordinator.
  • I recognize and acknowledge that working directly with animals entails inherent risks of injury to person and damage to property, and that The Maryland SPCA cannot assume this liability, and I do hereby waive any and all claims which I might otherwise have against The Maryland SPCA because of injury to my person or damage to my property resulting from any activity in which I might engage for the MD SPCA.
  • I have reviewed the handouts on bite safety and protocol and I understand that there is always a risk of being scratched and bitten. I also understand that I must have my own medical insurance.

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