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In the summer of 2015, the Maryland SPCA said goodbye to our wonderful leader Aileen Gabbey, after almost 20 years of service with our organization. Aileen, her husband Neil and two pets relocated to Savannah, Georgia.

During Aileen’s tenure, the MD SPCA grew and became a leader in the community in many ways. By far, the proudest of these accomplishments is our current save rate of more than 90% in recent years. With Aileen at the helm and fueled by your support, the MD SPCA increased the save rate of pets from under 40% in 1997 to more than 90%, a rate that meets industry standards of a “no-kill” adoption center. Our current live-release rate is 95%.

The Aileen Gabbey Saving 90 Fund was established to honor Aileen Gabbey’s legacy of saving healthy and treatable pets who are brought to the MD SPCA. The goal of the fund is to save all adoptable pets. It will sustain our growing medical costs related to providing an adoption guarantee for treatable pets. The Aileen Gabbey Saving 90 Fund was established by former board member Vicki Margolis (1965-2015), who was a champion of the “no-kill” status at the Maryland SPCA.

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For more information about the The Aileen Gabbey Saving 90 Fund, please contact [email protected] 410-235-8826 x133.