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The pets listed on the Lost & Found section of this website are NOT physically at the Maryland SPCA (MD SPCA), nor does the MD SPCA have any information to share pertaining to the person posting the information or any particular pet in the Lost and Found section. This section is a service provided by the MD SPCA to help re-unite pets with their owners. The MD SPCA has the right to ban any user who does not comply with the Code and Conduct outlined below.

The MD SPCA cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided by the Lost & Found users or guarantee a match will be made. There is always a risk associated with meeting a stranger.  Lost and Found users are solely responsible for their own safety and interaction with any other users of this service.  By using this Lost & Found service, users do so at their own risk and agree that the MD SPCA should not be held liable for inaccuracies posted by users or any direct or indirect harm arising from the use of the service.



Each community member plays an integral role in the mission of increasing pet-to-owner matches and decreasing euthanasia.  Maintaining a good reputation for animal welfare is a responsibility we all carry to help lost pets return to their homes.  We ask that each Maryland SPCA Lost & Found user adheres to a basic Code of Conduct, ensuring the functionality of this site is a positive and rewarding experience for the community at large.

Becoming a Maryland SPCA Lost & Found user means that you agree to the following Code of Conduct:

✔ To actively maintain a listing of your Lost & Found pet.

✔ To give truthful information about the pets’ description, to the best of you knowledge and to remove pets no longer looking for their owner.

✔ To post only Lost & Found pets, not pets or items for sale, pets for breeding purposes or pets not allowed by law.

✔ To operate in a not-for-profit manner, even if you do not personally have official non-profit status. MD SPCA Lost & Found users are not to ask for or offer rewards for returned pets.

✔ To return pets to their owners when provided with proof.

✔ To take proper steps to alert authorities when provided reason to hold a pet after being shown proof of ownership.

✔ To reply to questions from the public in a timely and respectful manner, without requiring an upfront fee or application process.

✔ To reply to questions from the Maryland SPCA webmaster/staff in a timely and respectful manner.

✔ You warrant that you do not have any animal welfare related citations, violations or crimes or other convictions that prohibit you from using the internet or social media sites.

✔ You agree that deviation from the Code of Conduct or Terms and Conditions may be grounds for my removal from mdspca.org.


For questions or help or using the Lost and Found module, please email [email protected].