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Lost Pet Checklist

Lost Pet Report

How to Redeem Your Pet


Lost Pet Checklist:

  • Visit your local Animal Control and local shelters, ask about their stray policies. Shelters will have a “hold” period for stray pets.  After that time period, the pet becomes property of that facility and they are able to adopt the pet out. (Maryland SPCA’s stray hold is 3 days).
  • Fill out a Lost Pet Report below. Include full details about your pet's marking, that would help identify your pet (i.e. scars or if spayed/neutered), the area in which they went missing from (the more specific the better), date they went missing and photos! We will not publish your post if all of the information is not provided.
  • Search our website for found pets, daily.
  • Post and Search Craigslist "lost and found" and "pets" section, daily.
  • Post and Search Facebook lost pet pages, daily. Here are a few of them:
  • Post flyers in your neighborhood and surrounding areas: street corners, vet offices, bus stops and supermarkets. Include clear picture, description of your dog and contact information.
  • Talk to your neighbors, including Nextdoor, Facebook community page, mail carriers, newspaper delivery people and anyone who spends time in your neighborhood.
  • If your pet has a microchip, contact the microchip company and file a lost pet report. Make sure your contact, including emergency, information is up-to-date.

For all Lost and Found questions, please email [email protected] or call (410) 235-8826 x100.

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Lost Pet Report

Maryland SPCA encourages those with missing pets to fill out the form below with the greatest detail. YOU MUST SUBMIT WITH DATE PET WENT MISSING, LOCATION AND A PHOTO or entry will not be published. This helps the community and our staff properly identify missing animals and return them to their owners. Carefully review our Lost and Found Terms and Conditions. 

Contact Information
Pet Information
If no picture of the pet is uploaded, your post will be deleted after three days.
We encourage everyone to take this step, as it is the best chance of making a match.
  • Please upload a JPEG photo of the found pet.
  • Please give your image a unique file name (Example: Fluffy4112016.jpg)
  • The image must be less than 5MB.