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List of the local shelters to check for lost pets:

Central Maryland Animal Shelters:

Anne Arundel County Animal Control
410-222-8900 or fax 410-222-8915

Anne Arundel County SPCA
410-268-4388 or fax 410-268-8027

Baltimore City Animal Control
410-396-4694 or fax 410-396-7332

Baltimore County Animal Control
410-887-5961 or fax 410-817-4257

Baltimore County Humane Society
410-833-8848 or fax 410-833-9251

Carroll County Humane Society
410-848-4810 or fax 410-875-9736

Humane Society of Harford County
410-836-1090 or fax 410-877-3788

Howard County Animal Control
410-313-2780 or fax 410-313-2720

Howard County Animal Welfare
410-465-4350 or fax 410-480-4316