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Found Pet Check List:

  • Fill out a Found Pet Report below. Include full details about the pet's marking, the area in which they were found and photos! (Please note that we do not share our lost and found reports with other shelters or animal control facilities. Please also contact other area shelters to notify them that you have found an animal.)
  • Carefully review our Lost and Found Terms and Conditions.
  • Take the animal to a veterinarian or animal shelter to scan for a microchip that contains information that will link the pet to the owner.
  • Check the animal's underside for a tattoo. Up until 2012, before the use of microchips, the Maryland SPCA tattooed all pets in our adoption center with a number. We still keep a registry linking these numbers to the pet owners.
  • If you can’t hold onto the animal while you search for its owner, call your local Animal Control agency or take the animal to the closest animal shelter.​ Our admissions department can be reached at [email protected] or by phone at (410) 235-8826 x100.
  • Review our guide on returning found pets to their owners.

View our listings of lost pets

For all Lost and Found questions, please email [email protected] or call (410) 235-8826 x100.

Found Pet Form

If you have found a lost pet, please fill out the form below with the greatest detail so that searching owners and our staff can successfully make a match. YOU MUST SUBMIT WITH A PHOTO. Entries without photos will not be published. This form is for individuals that are able to hold onto lost pets while searching for the owners. If you are unable to safely keep this pet at your home, please call your local Animal Control or find our list of shelters in Central Maryland.

Contact Information
Pet Information
We encourage everyone to take this step, as it is the best chance of making a match.
  • Please upload a JPEG photo of the found pet.
  • Please give your image a unique file name (Example: Fluffy4112016.jpg)
  • The image must be less than 5MB.