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Surrendering Your Pet to the Maryland SPCA: Steps and Requirements

Surrendering a pet to admissions is by appointment ONLY

Requirements for surrender appointment:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age in order to sign the surrender contract.
  • You must be the legal owner of the pet.
  • On the day of the appointment you must bring ID and cash or credit card for the surrender fee.

There is a surrender fee of $30 per pet (over the age of 6 months) or per litter (under the age of 6 months), which is due at the time of surrender. This fee represents a small fraction of the total cost incurred by the shelter for the care of each pet. The Maryland SPCA does not receive government funds, nor do we receiving funding from national organizations. The work we do is paid for by public donations and the fees we charge for our services.

What Happens When You Surrender Your Pet?

All pets surrendered to the MD SPCA must pass health and behavior testing in order to go up for adoption. Dogs receive a behavior evaluation upon arrival to the shelter and a medical test following intake. Cats receive a medical test following intake, and a behavior evaluation after being in the shelter for at least one day. During intake, an Admissions Coordinator collects information on the pet to help us place the pet in an appropriate home, and has the owner sign paperwork transferring ownership of the pet to the Maryland SPCA. Depending on the pet’s specific circumstances, the owner may be offered the option to reclaim the pet if he or she does not pass the testing, or does not adjust well to the shelter environment.

To discuss surrendering your pet and to schedule an appointment, please contact our Admissions Department at 410-235-8826 x100 or by email at [email protected].