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The Maryland SPCA asks that pet owners exhaust all other options before bringing their animals to our admissions center. The following programs are here to help you keep your pet a member of your family:

 My pet's behavior is out of my control:

The Maryland SPCA’s Behavior Department offers classes and advice on how to begin a good relationship with your pet and maintain that relationship throughout the years. For more information on consultations, please contact our Behavior Department at 410-235-8826, ext. 151.

Our behavior experts are available for free phone and email consultations and private training sessions, and answers to common behavior problems can be found in our behavior library.

Take Me to the Behavior Library

 I cannot afford vaccines and other medical requirements for my pet:

The Maryland SPCA goes above and beyond with our options for medical care. Our organization offers many programs for your pet to get the care it needs. Along with the Spay & Neuter Program our multi-service Maryland SPCA Wellness Clinic provides many services for the public and those in low-income situations (and others who *qualify). Visiting our Medical Care page will help you decide which options are best for your unique situation.

Learn About all MD SPCA Medical Care Solutions

 My landlord no longer will allow for a pet:

Giving up an animal is a serious decision. If you have the option to relocate to a pet-friendly home we are happy to help cite options for pet friendly housing in the greater Baltimore area.

 I am having trouble affording food for my pet:

The Maryland SPCA collects donations of pet food and kitty litter from the public for Kibble Connection, a program that provides pet food to local Meals on Wheels clients. Food donated to Kibble Connection is unopened and within the expiration date. This is a wonderful community resource for Baltimore City and Baltimore County residents who meet the Meals on Wheels requirement for service.

Visit the Meals on Wheels Website to Register

 I would like to choose my pet's new home:

Many pet owners do not desire to give up their pets, but find themselves in this difficult spot based on a given situation. Our online Re-homing service allows owners to decide on their pet's new home and family. Your pet will have a profile right on our Pets Available from Owners page, and interested adopters will contact you directly. We encourage all pet owners to first use our Re-Homing online service to list their pet before bringing them to our facilities.