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Could your pet be a Maryland SPCA Pet ambassador?

Do you and your dog love working with children? Are you available for two hours on Mondays or Tuesdays between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m.? Does your dog have his/her good canine citizenship certificate? 

In 2017 the Maryland SPCA worked with several 1st through 3rd grade classrooms around Baltimore City on literacy skills and humane education. We use pet ambassadors to help kids practice their skills through a nonjudgmental approach. We need teams (you & your dog) to help us expand the reading program. Help children learn kindness to animals and also help them to improve their literacy skills.

The Therapy Dog Prep class helps you and your dog prepare to pass a therapy dog evaluation. You will learn the skills required to becoming a Pet Partner team. Once you have completed the evaluation and start to volunteer with the MD SPCA Pet Ambassador program you will be reimbursed for the evaluation cost and class cost.

We have two levels of Therapy Dog Prep classes:

  • 6 week course (prerequisite: basic dog training class) $125
  • 3 week course for dogs who already have their Canine Good Citizen certificate, $75

For more information or to sign up for Therapy Dog Prep sessions or the Maryland SPCA Pet Ambassador program please contact Katie Flory at [email protected] or 410-235-8826 ext. 137


Meet some of our current Pet Partners:


Pippa is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and used to be an agility dog. After Amy, Pippa’s mom, noticed orthopedic issues, Pippa retired from that job. She still showed interest in meeting new people and this sweet girl loves everyone. Pippa’s favorite things include getting snuggles from her family and eating everything she can! Pippa wants to participate so she can help make others smile and feel better.

Jet Puff (JP)

JP’s mom, Annie, immediately fell in love with him when they met. Despite his serious health problems, JP was always loving and full of spunk. Annie was able to help JP through his medical difficulties. He loves going on long walks, playing at the park, meeting people, and other animals. He puts a smile on everybody’s face and hopes to be able to do that as a Pet Partner.


Carli’s mom Maria works at the Maryland SPCA as a behavior trainer. She helps other dogs learn manners, no need for that for Carli. She is a therapy dog and started her career 10 years ago in Texas with the American Red Cross at Fort Bliss. Carli is excited to be part of the Wagging Tales program. Her favorite place to be scratched is behind her ears and under her chin.


Shane lives with his owners Carol and Jay Hughitt. Carol got a DNA test on Shane done and found out that he is part Beagle, English Bull Dog and Chow. He likes to sniff everything, can be stubborn and has very soft fur. Some of his favorite things to do are: going for walks, boat rides and chase squirrels. He loves to be scratched behind his ears and on his back near his tail. Shane enjoys meeting children at schools and is looking forward to the Wagging Tales program.


Knox the Pit Bull found his fur-ever home with his mom Kaitlyn, after ending up at the Maryland SPCA as a stray in the summer of 2015. His new family quickly found out that they had adopted an all-star breed ambassador who would make an incredible therapy dog for humans and other pups. Kaitlyn enrolled him in Project Mickey as a school visitor and the Maryland SPCA’s training classes as a helper dog. Knox is the happiest of pups always sporting a giant smile.

Lucy Gaga

Lucy Gaga is a Boston Terrier who came to the Maryland SPCA in June of 2011 because her family could no longer care for her. The MDSPCA Community Affairs Director had recently lost her 12-year-old Rottweiler and was looking for a new friend to add to her family. Katie met Lucy and instantly fell in love. She noticed right away how calm Lucy was and how much she loved being with people, especially kids. Lucy has participated in hundreds of humane education programs where she helps teach kids how to interact with dogs. She shares her home with two doggie brothers and her favorite past time is snoring and hiding her treats.


Dexter is a happy, friendly and energetic furry friend. He loves to play with his toys, and of course other dogs – no matter the size! His favorite thing to do is eat, especially yummy treats, but he also likes to go for walks, snuggle and take naps. (He snores!) Besides acting like a big clown and being silly at times, he adores meeting and greeting people. He enjoys just hanging out and making people laugh. Dexter hopes to share a little bit of sunshine and happiness with everyone he meets through Pet Partners and Wagging Tales.


Grace is a sweet, happy, and cuddly furry best friend. She loves to be around people and kids and likes to get a lot of gentle belly rubs! She also likes playing with toys and other dogs and puppies. Grace enjoys being held in her owners’ arms and likes to snuggle up next to them. She also loves to eat yummy treats, go for walks, and take long naps. Grace really enjoys meeting people and giving out doggie kisses. She hopes to make everyone she meets happy and see great big smiles on their faces.


Faya was adopted at the age of five months in September 2017. A rescue group pulled her from a shelter in rural Virginia and her mom, Jennifer, fell in love instantly. The rescue group did not know her story, but she did come with a docked tail and a ton of love to give. Faya makes good use of her “nub” when she meets new and old friends alike. Friends, along with peanut butter, whipped cream, swimming, and belly rubs are her favorite things. Faya is super smart and received her CGC (Canine Good Citizen) title in September of 2018. She is currently studying with her mom for her therapy dog assessment.