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Pre-train a solid sit behavior using food rewards until the dog will sit when you ask him to every time. Then, whenever you come home and greet the dog, ask for a sit. If he jumps up, immediately go back outside, closing the door behind you. Now, being greeted by you is his reward. Wait a few seconds and try again. After a few tries, most dogs sit. (But it’s trickier because he’s excited, so be patient.) When he does sit, greet him by crouching down so he can lick your face (often a big piece of the motivation to jump up) and, if he does particularly well, give him rewards stashed in your pocket.

Jumping on Other People

Practice the exercise above with a couple of cooperative visitors, briefed ahead of time to “withhold themselves” as reward until the dog sits. The next best thing is for you to arrange to have food rewards on you for a period of time so that you can pay him sitting in the presence of people greeting him. Over time, you can reduce and then phase out the food rewards. But do make him sit before anybody pats him, to keep the sit strong.

Avoid violent techniques such as yanking on collars or kneeing the dog: they are unnecessary and abusive.

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