Do you want to be my forever friend?

Hi, I’m Maggie Pierce!

  • Female
  • Small
  • 3 months
  • Foster

Hello! My name is Maggie Pierce (Magpie for short) and as you can see, I am very tiny and adorable. I’m also very quiet and shy. It takes me more than a minute to warm up. I hid in the back of my crate for almost an entire week before I warmed up to my foster family. That’s why my foster mom calls me Magpie – she says they are friendly, gregarious birds, and she is hoping to see me that confident one day! I’ve already become a lot more outgoing, now that I’ve gotten to know everyone in my foster home. My two feline housemates could not be more different! The young one wants to play all the time, and at first I was a little intimidated, but now that I know it’s just play, we have a BLAST together! My older foster brother…well, we call him Grumppa. He just wants to be left alone. I understand that feeling, so I am VERY respectful of his space, and he appreciates that and never even once has had to give me a hiss or a swat. I’m pretty sure that I could get used to just about anybody – big or little, old or young, animal or human – as long as they were quiet and gentle, like me. My foster mom thinks I am the gentlest kitten EVER with my teeth and claws – I don’t ever want to hurt anybody! Well, except for my younger feline housemate – but he asks for it! I love to play with toys too, especially dangly ones, but nothing is as fun as playing chase with my foster brother. I like to play hide-n-seek too; underneath the couch is my ‘safe space’ when something loud or new comes around. I’m the quietest kitten too – you won’t hear me making any noise, until you pick me up – then my purr-motor kicks into high gear and I will cling to you like a baby koala. I’m basically looking for a nice, quiet family to love! If you’re interested in meeting Magpie, please send a completed application and information about you and your lifestyle to

  • De-Wormed
  • Spayed
  • Health Checked
  • Vaccinated

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