Do you want to be my forever friend?

Hi, I’m Felicity!

  • Female
  • Small
  • 11 years, 8 months
  • Foster

Available for adoption in foster! Looking for a sweet, calm, pear-shared companion? Felicity is your lady. What she lacks in one ear, she makes up in her complete ability to steal your heart. Felicity spends her days loafing in her favorite spots, curiously checking in on her people, and once she is comfortable enough you can expect some wholesome cuddle action. Not much for playing, she prefers a calm, quiet environment but she doesn’t mind an occasional guest and will greet them with head butts. This older lady loves gentle head and chin scratches and occasionally requires belly rubs. She is particular about her litter-box and will require multiple litter-boxes cleaned daily to avoid issues. In general she is the perfect cat for a calm household looking for a quiet, loving companion. If you’re interested in learning more, contact with a completed adoption application.

  • De-Wormed
  • Spayed
  • fee-waived
  • Health Checked
  • Vaccinated

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