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You can also support us by making a planned gift. There are a variety of planned giving options and benefits. Learn more by visiting our planned giving pages.

Planned giving is a gift of assets made to a charitable organization such as the Maryland SPCA. Planned gifts can be made during your lifetime or from your estate. Your planned gift enables the Maryland SPCA to further its mission of helping animals and people by providing secure funding for the future. Many people choose to make a planned gift for two reasons: it allows them to make a larger gift than they otherwise could, and it provides substantial tax and financial advantages. Planned gifts have made a critical difference in the care the Maryland SPCA offers pets.

  • Bequests
  • Life Insurance
  • Appreciated Property (securities and real estate)
  • Charitable Remainder Unitrusts (produce income)
  • Charitable Gift Annuities (produce income)
  • Legacy of Care

Please note: Our legal name is Maryland SPCA, Inc. Our Federal tax identification number is 52-6001558.

For more information on planned giving, please contact the Development Office by email or phone at 410-235-8826, ext. 133.

Friends Forever

To honor donors who make a planned gift, the Maryland SPCA created Friends Forever. Donors who include the Maryland SPCA in their estate, through a bequest, life insurance policy or other means, are recognized as members of Friends Forever.

Planned gifts are important to the care we provide the animals. Bequests have enabled the Maryland SPCA to establish an endowment, which now provides a substantial part of the revenue needed to operate the adoption center. Friends Forever provides a way to recognize and thank donors during their lifetimes for their generosity and foresight.

To become a member of Friends Forever, the only requirement is a written statement from you or your attorney indicating your intention to leave a gift to the Maryland SPCA. You need not reveal the amount of the gift, and you can choose to remain anonymous.

Friends Forever Members

The Maryland SPCA’s Friends Forever program recognizes and honors those who have made a commitment to support the homeless pets in our community through their will or other planned gift. Thank you to these generous individuals!

Bequests at Maryland SPCA


One of the easiest ways to make a lifetime gift is by bequest. You can designate a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your estate...

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Life Insurance & Retirement at Maryland SPCA

Life Insurance & Retirement

A gift of a life insurance policy or your retirement account to the Maryland SPCA, you can play an important role in improving the welfare of animals.

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Appreciated Property at Maryland SPCA

Appreciated Property

Contributing appreciated property is one way to make a larger gift for a smaller out-of-pocket expense.

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Legacy of Care at Maryland SPCA

Legacy of Care

The Maryland SPCA's Legacy of Care program enables pet owners to ensure their pets' care should their pets outlive them, providing peace of mind.

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Annuities and Trusts

Charitable gifts allow you to help the animals and, at the same time, receive income for life and for the life of a beneficiary.

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