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Be a Faithful Friend – Make Automatic Monthly Donations

Faithful Friends are individuals who contribute to the Maryland SPCA regularly through our Electronic Transfer Program. You choose the amount to give and the money is automatically withdrawn from your bank account monthly or charged to your credit card. There is no transaction charge to you, and you can cancel at any time simply by contacting us. You'll never have to spend another cent on a stamp to mail your check to the Maryland SPCA. 

What can your monthly donation do?

  • $10 per month helps us buy soft e-collars for a dogs recovering from surgery.
  • $25 per month will build a kitten foster kit that provides care and supplies in volunteer foster homes for a week.
  • $50 per month buys a week's worth of prescription diet dog food.
  • $100 per month pays for one transport run from local overcrowded shelters back to the MD SPCA.

​Our Faithful Friends are supporters and animal lovers coming together to make a difference in our community. Please become a Faithful Friend today. You'll immediately start saving thousands of lives.

Become a Monthly Donor 

How do I sign up for electronic contribution?

Click the "Become a Monthly Donor" button to sign up for recurring donations online. 

If you are already a Faithful Friend, and would like to increase or change your monthly contribution amount, please click here.

What are the advantages of electronic contributions?

It saves you time! It simplifies your life! It saves paper! You also help us stabilize our budget and save money.

Is electronic contribution risky?

Electronic contribution is less risky than check contributions. It can’t be lost, stolen or eaten by the dog!

Already a Faithful Friend?

Increase your monthly donations and help us save even more precious animals each year! Let a member of our fundraising team take care of the changes for you by clicking the link below and filling out the form!

Increase Your Monthly Giving

For more information, or to sign up with the help of a MD SPCA team member, email [email protected] or call 410-235-8826, ext. 133.