Welcome to Thinking Inside the Box — Solving Your Cats Litterbox Problems

The number one behavioral reason that cats are surrendered to shelters is because they stop using the litter box. Understandably, many cat owners find it to be very difficult to deal with, and some can be quick to blame the cat for being spiteful or angry. Cats just don’t act out of anger or spite. Even if we don’t understand it, in their mind, they have a good reason for going outside the box. It’s our job to figure out why. Are they in pain? Do they not like the type of litter? Is another animal in the home bullying them? Once we discover the root of the problem, we can then make a plan for how best to handle it.
This class will cover how to figure out the reasons behind your cat’s inappropriate elimination and determine how to get him thinking back inside the box! We will discuss appropriate litter box set ups, medical vs. behavioral reasons, handling stress in your cat, and combatting territorial marking. At the end, we’ll play detective with a few real-life examples and discuss how we would diagnose and treat the problem. There will be time to get any questions about your cat answered at the end of the session.


* Low income vouchers are available. To qualify, you should earn less than $25,000 annually or household earnings should be less than $42,000 a year. Proof of income is required and can be based on last year's income tax form, Social Security Disability, all W-2 forms for the family, Section 8, Free Lunch, Food Stamps, VA Disability, AFDC, WIC, or Pay Stub. Complete our Low Income Verification Form and submit it to trainer@mdspca.org.

For more information, email trainer@mdspca.org or call 410-235-8826, ext. 151.

Upcoming Classes:
October 20, 2021

ONLINE ONLY: Wednesday @ 6:30pm

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