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Small, Female
Tri Color

11 Years 8 Months 0 Weeks (approx)

  • My health has been checked.
  • My vaccinations are up to date.
  • My worming is up-to-date.
  • I have been spayed.
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AVAILABLE FROM FOSTER. Hi, my name is Angela and I've been hanging out in foster because I needed to have some teeth removed. My foster parents learned a lot about me while I was in foster. Here's what my foster parents have to say about me: Angela has been nothing but angelic since we started fostering her a few months ago. She is an 11 year old chowhound who loves to eat although she doesn't have any teeth! Some of her favorite pastimes include snuggling up to her foster parents, relaxing on her dog bed, and going on long walks to explore the neighborhood. Angela is an extremely low maintenance dog that always gets excited to see you when you come home from work. We think she would be a dream for a family with little kids. She likes other dogs and has gotten along well with her foster brother, Fritz. While in foster, my people noticed I can be a little wobbley on my feet. I'm an older girl, but I've been checked out by the Maryland SPCA medical experts to see what's going on. I had an ultrasound and bloodwork with no significant findings, so they think it's something I've just been living with for a while. There's a possibility it could be seizures, but my foster parents have had me for a while and haven't seen any seizures or precursors to seizures--so we think it's just me. I don't let the wobbles get me down at all--my foster parnets agree I'm a very good and very happy girl! This pet is currently available for adoption from a foster home. Please email [email protected] with a completed adoption application which can be found on our website, as well as more information about your home environment, lifestyle and what type of pet you are looking for. Finding The Right Pet

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