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What you will need to plan for:

After a customer has selected a pet for adoption and completed their adoption interview, they are able to bring their current pets to our facilities to meet. The Maryland SPCA has outlined steps for adding a new adopted pet to your four-legged family.

  1. Be sure your pet is up-to-date on vaccinations, and bring current rabies vaccination certificate.
  2. Dress your dog in a sturdy collar or harness, but no correction collars or retractable leashes, please- they can affect the meeting!
  3. Remember that your dog is likely to be excited meeting new friends in a new location, and expect him or her to act that way. We're okay with that!
  4. One adult per dog, please!
  5. We do not want one person attempting to drive home with two dogs who do not know each other. Please plan accordingly:
    • Bringing a second person, a crate and/or seatbelt harnesses.
    • Make two trips.
    • Take your dog home and return for the second dog the next day.

What is a "Dog Meet Dog"?

1. We'll start with parallel walking, without letting the dogs get too close. This lets them adjust to the other dog and get used to their scent and behavior without being confrontational.

2. The dogs will spend some off leash time in separate fun-runs, for closer (but still protected) contact, if they choose.

3. Back on leash and out in the yard, the dogs will walk together again, for slightly closer development of their relationship. You'll have time to discuss with our staff what you both observed, how you're feeling about the situation, and if needed, speak with a member of our behavior team for more assistance.