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In order to better serve the animals and people of the Baltimore community, the five major animal welfare organizations in Baltimore—the Maryland SPCA, Baltimore Humane Society, Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter, Baltimore City Animal Control and Baltimore County Animal Control Division—came together to form the Baltimore Animal Welfare Alliance (BAWA) in 2008.

Today, the Maryland SPCA, Baltimore Humane Society, Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter, Baltimore City Animal Control and Baltimore County Animal Services continue as BAWA members. We work together to improve the well-being of animals in our community. Our joint efforts have included activities such as adoption events, spaying and neutering animals and transporting animals in need from one shelter to another so that fewer pets are euthanized.


The Baltimore Animal Welfare Alliance’s mission is to work together to save animals’ lives.


  • We will focus on ending pet over-population.
  • We will work together to save the lives of companion animals with the ultimate goal of creating a community where no healthy/treatable animal shall be euthanized due to the lack of a home.
  • We will promote adoption, spay/neuter, education and humane care.
  • We shall foster mutual respect for all members and recognize that, while our members share our interest and passion for animal welfare, our methods may be different.
  • We will all participate in achieving the mission of this alliance, realizing that our vision is shared by all members and is not the dream of only a few.
  • We will use the principles of the Asilomar Accords as a guide where applicable with an emphasis on using a standardized method of reporting our animal care data using the standard Asilomar Accords terminology as defined by BAWA members.


The Baltimore 500: A Race to Save Lives

We surpassed our “500” goal, yet again, this year by helping 882 cats and kittens find new homes! To save the lives of abandoned and unwanted felines, the Baltimore Animal Welfare Alliance (BAWA) held its 8th annual Baltimore 500: A Race to Save Lives promotion throughout the month of June. June is national Adopt-A-Cat Month because it’s often the height of kitten season, when many cats have ba- bies, causing animal shelters to be overcrowded. Maryland SPCA, BARCS, Baltimore Humane Society, Baltimore County Animal Services, and the Humane Society of Harford County waived their adoption fees for cats and kittens during the race. Regular adoption procedures applied. Many thanks to the sponsor of the Baltimore 500, the Cat Hospital At Towson (CHAT).  Dr. Jane Brunt and  Betty Cox from CHAT have been an incredibly supportive of this joint promotion since its first year. CHAT kindly provided goodie bags and free wellness exams to adopters. Thank you, CHAT!