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Our Mission

The Maryland SPCA’s mission is to improve the lives of pets and people in the community. We are dedicated to helping both pets and people and to saving the lives of animals in the community.

Our adoption center adopts out more than 3,500 needy and unwanted pets each year. There is no time limit for an animal to stay in our care until he is adopted. Our staff and volunteers provide excellent care to the dogs and cats in need. Each pet receives medical care including neuter surgery, vaccinations, treatments, as well as TLC. Enrichment is also provided so that the animals have positive activities to reduce stress. The facility provides warmth and comfort while the pets await new homes.

Our Spay and Neuter Clinic performs approximately 7,000 surgeries each year, making the Maryland SPCA the state leader in providing this crucial lifesaving service. The Maryland SPCA also acts as a referral resource for residents throughout Maryland searching for neuter services. Surgeries are provided to animals in our adoption program, other shelters and rescue groups, low-income pet owners, and feral cats all with the aim to reduce pet overpopulation in our community.

In addition to our adoption and spay/neuter services, we also transport pets in need from other area shelters. Each year, we bring in more than 1,400 animals from other shelters to help save more lives in the community. Other lifesaving programs include our foster program that cares for more than 1,700 young and injured pets annually who need time to grow and heal in a home setting. Our Wellness Clinic provides care for over 4,000 pets in the community every year. Training classes are offered to help keep pets in homes and out of shelters, and over 600 public-owned pets were assisted by behavior programs in 2016. Volunteers and staff also visit area schools each year to teach kindness to animals through Humane Education, and over 5,300 students were reached in 2016. Thanks to the support of the community, we are able to provide these programs that help pets and people and save animals’ lives.

**For more information about our organization, please see the Maryland SPCA’s 990 public disclosure form and our most recent financial audit. For more information on our privacy policy, please see our privacy policy.

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Photo Tour

We welcome the public to visit the Maryland SPCA and walk through our facility and talk with our knowledgeable staff. Visitors can see the dog runs, our cat room and our puppy and kitten nursery. Potential adopters are encouraged to meet with our animals, under staff or volunteer supervision. Our facilities are clean and welcoming and our staff can help answer questions about the animals and the adoption process.
We invite you to take a photo tour of the MD SPCA to see our facilities.