July 15, 2021  |  News Update

Why Microchips and ID Tags are so Important

Ten million pets are lost every year. Regrettably, the owner often isn’t found due to lack of identification.

Pet owners can prevent heartbreak with two simple, easy steps. Microchipping your pet and giving them ID tags significantly increases your likelihood of being reunited when they’re lost.

A microchip is a tiny computer chip implanted under a pet’s skin. Each microchip has a unique serial number assigned to one pet through a nationwide database.

Every pet adopted from the Maryland SPCA comes with a microchip. If you currently have a pet who’s not microchipped, ask your veterinarian about getting one. In both cases, you’ll need to register your microchip online and keep your contact information up to date. That way, if your pet becomes lost, shelters and veterinary offices can scan their microchip and contact you to claim them.

It’s also important for your pet to have an ID tag with your name, current address, and phone number. If a Good Samaritan finds your pet, they’ll be able to contact you immediately instead of taking your pet to a shelter. (For anyone worried about a collar and ID tag restricting their pet’s breathing, consider a breakaway collar.)

By taking these simple steps, you and your furry friend will have peace of mind today and be ready for tomorrow.

Click here for resources if you’ve lost or found a pet.


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