December 7, 2020  |  News Update

MD SPCA Honors Dr. Michelle Myers with William Woodward Award

The Maryland SPCA is proud to announce that Dr. Michelle Myers has won our William Woodward Award for outstanding service to pets and people in our community.

The William Woodward Award was created in 2019 to mark 150 years of the MD SPCA caring for pets and people. Woodward, our founder, led a small group of Baltimoreans in successfully advocating to end abuse of workhorses. Woodward Award winners demonstrate his passion, perseverance, and ability to mobilize resources to improve pets’ and people’s lives.

Dr. Myers is a veterinarian at VCA Columbia Animal Hospital at Hickory Ridge. During the pandemic, she’s helped over 300 pets from 194 families at MD SPCA community clinics. Dogs and cats have received vaccinations, flea and tick prevention, heartworm tests, nail trimming, and food.

“She treats every animal and person with respect, and that really does make a big difference,” said Kaitlyn Thomas, foster coordinator at the MD SPCA. “And she’s so innovative. She’s always willing to get creative in order to make [things] work.”

Ted Alban is a longtime MD SPCA volunteer and last year’s award winner. He also worked with Dr. Myers at this year’s clinics. “My favorite memory,” said Alban, “is one that repeats over and over again. It’s Dr. Myers and our vet techs [being] so excited every single time a pet and a person approach the tent. It’s as if every dog is the first one they’ve seen that day.”

In 2011, B-More Dog began holding vaccine clinics to help pet owners comply with local regulations. According to Erin Scott, B-More Dog board secretary, Dr. Myers helped them significantly expand the clinics beginning in 2013. Through B-More Dog, Dr. Myers has served 900 pets annually prior to this year—providing dewormers, medications, and other services.

“She really made our mission come to life,” said Scott.

Jessica Martin, manager at VCA Columbia Animal Hospital, said: “What separates [Dr. Myers] is how much she wants to get out into the community and volunteer. She deserves [this] award because she has that dedication.”

“I know how lucky the Maryland SPCA is to have her as a partner,” said Katie Flory, MD SPCA community relations director. “But even more so: our Baltimore community. She makes a true difference in animals’ lives as well as people’s lives.”

The MD SPCA congratulates Dr. Myers and thanks her for her incredible service!


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