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Lester was just a kitten when he was transferred to the Maryland SPCA in late August, 2021.

It was clear in his initial exam that he had damaged eyes. It was suspected that he had contracted herpes very early in life and that caused damage to his eyes as they were developing. However, he was not currently in a flare up. His eyes were not watery and his nose was not runny. He was an otherwise healthy little boy. And friendly! Fresh out of transport he was perching on staff members’ shoulders offering head bumps and asking for pets. He was sent to foster until he could be neutered, where his foster family discovered that a blind kitten is still a playful kitten! He climbed cat trees, ran up and down the halls, chased jingly toys and had no problem finding his food or litter box. Thanks to corporate sponsors like Boehringer-Ingelheim, we can afford to give pets like Lester get medical care and foster. Like many pets before him, Lester found a loving home just a week after going live on the website.


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