March 15, 2020  |  Happy Tail

El Tigre

A few months ago, happy cat parents were looking for a young, active, orange male cat to befriend friends the young cat they already had. Their current cat was very energetic and demanded more attention than they could give him.

But we had no such cats available at the moment. The VERY NEXT DAY, our little boy El Tigre showed up in the cat room! About an hour later, his new mom and dad came in to meet him before anyone else could grab him. He was exactly what they were looking for!

El Tigre’s new family wanted to share that it seems like a perfect match.

“We have renamed this little fellow Cheby—short for Chebyshev—a Russian statistician…Things turned out great! These two boys got along right away. They now play together, sleep together, ask humans for food together. Not only Dandelion, but we humans enjoy the company of Cheby. He likes to stay with human and humans are attracted to his charm. He always sleeps by my side or on my lap when I am working; he also climbs to Dad’s lap for attention, then falls asleep there. Whenever we have guests coming, he is the first one to greet them. Several friends have joked after visiting us that they want to leave their cats [with us] so they may exchange for Cheby, and we feel so lucky to have this sweet and heartwarming boy.

I hope this hard time for SPCA and fosters will end soon, and every fluffy fellow seeking a home will end up finding one to bring warmth and joy to their humans, just as our two cats did.”


These two boys got along right away. They now play together, sleep together, ask humans for food together.

El Tigre's new family

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