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An important way that the Maryland SPCA saves the lives of pets locally and afar is through our transport program. On Saturday, September 2, the MD SPCA’s transport team drove to Manassas, Virginia for a rescue trip organized by the Humane Society of the United States to bring back 12 dogs that were in animal shelters in the gulf area prior to the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey. We reached out to help because it was critical to free up space in those shelters, so they could take in pets who were displaced from their homes. Keeping the lost and displaced pets in shelters in the gulf area gives them the best chance to be reunited with their families.

Transporting pets

Although tired when they reached the MD SPCA, the dogs were all wagging and “talking” as they were greeted by our kennel and exam teams. Our dedicated staff stayed well into the evening to make sure that each pet received a medical exam.

Marley and Max

Some of the pets are being medically treated for upper respiratory and skin infections. Two of the dogs are receiving life-saving treatment for heartworms that are fatal if left untreated. Thanks to the outpour of support from people who answered our plea for foster parents, ten of the 12 dogs went to foster care Saturday evening where they will remain at least for two weeks, until they are medically cleared for adoption. The ringworm positive dogs, will require up to four months of medical care.

Senior bonded brothers Marley and Max came in with painful, infected ears and itchy skin infections that needed treatment. They are responding to medication and are starting to feel better. They are expected to go to foster care together shortly.


As the pets are made available for adoption, they will be listed on our adoptable pet page on our website.

The MD SPCA continues to remain on the list of shelters who will take additional pets impacted by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. We are able to help local pets in our community and pets living in other areas of our country because of the generous support from individuals and corporations who share in our mission of improving the lives of pets and people.

A gift of any amount will keep our transport program running and provide the pets with medical care, food and shelter as long as it takes to find them their forever families.

To make your life-saving gift, please click below or text "HARVEY" at 410-324-7297.