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Did you know the MD SPCA is the only shelter in Maryland equipped with a separate facility on campus to treat cats and kittens with ringworm, a fungal infection that can easily be spread from animal to animal?

Treating ringworm is costly in terms of space, time, and money. Given the high risk of transmission, these pets require special isolation space away from other animals. Even more - eliminating ringworm takes several weeks to administer special medicines and other treatments that cost nearly $120 per day per animal. Tragically, many shelters across the country are forced to euthanize these animals as they are simply unable to meet these specialized needs.

DumplingThis is not the case for pets at the MD SPCA. This year, our veterinary team has been able to provide such medical care to more than 200 ringworm-positive pets, including cats and kittens transported to the MD SPCA from other area shelters.

Little Dumpling has been in our ringworm treatment facility since December 3rd when she was transported from a sister shelter. She’s been receiving daily medical treatment and special medicated baths twice a week. Her care will continue for at least another month until she is completely ringworm-free and ready for adoption.

Dumpling’s care can only be made possible because of generous friends like you.

Please make your tax-deductible gift to the MD SPCA so we can continue to treat pets with ringworm who are otherwise healthy and happy.

Watch now, how your support can save cats and kittens like Dumpling.

Treating Ringworm

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