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With so much heartache and despair being felt in our country right now, I felt compelled to share with you that there is a lot of good taking place too, right here at your Maryland SPCA.

Puppy from Puerto RicoOver the weekend, we received an urgent call from the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) asking if the MD SPCA could take 11 dogs and nine puppies from hurricane-stricken Puerto Rico. As you may recall, the MD SPCA partners with HSUS to serve as an emergency relief shelter to take in pets who need help when disasters strike – just as we did last month with Hurricane Harvey-impacted animals.

Early Sunday morning, just after midnight, 20 tired and scared displaced pets arrived back at the MD SPCA. Our dedicated staff remained into the wee hours of the morning, caring and comforting the pets before getting them settled in after a stressful day of travel.

When daylight broke Sunday morning, our medical team provided each dog and puppy a comprehensive wellness exam, and our foster team coordinated with foster parents to house the pets in their homes for up to several weeks to help get them acclimated. While preliminary exams show that most of the pets appear healthy, our medical team has run some tests and are monitoring all of them. Several others have suspicious skin lesions that are indicative of ringworm. They are receiving medical treatment that could last for more than a month. We’ll continue to share updates on our website as we have them.

And, speaking of updates, our Hurricane Harvey impacted dogs have been in our care for more than a month now and have been making tremendous progress. Some have fully recovered and have been adopted by their foster parents. Others are still in our care, but we expect them to be medically cleared and available for adoption in the next few weeks. Read update.

If this isn’t enough good news, I’m also excited to share with you that we were able to find homes for 58 adult cats in the last eight days, including cats who have been with us since summer. Thanks to the overwhelming response we received from our appeal to find these cats homes, we now have space available to take in pets from our local partnering shelters that need our help.

My wish for you after reading this letter is that you feel comforted and uplifted as we have so many reasons to be hopeful and happy thanks to the hard work and dedication of our team at the MD SPCA.

If you feel inspired to make a gift that will support our life saving, life changing and disaster care efforts we will be most grateful.

Thank you for your being a friend to the MD SPCA and pets in need!

Most sincerely,

Jim Peirce

Jim Peirce
Executive Director
Maryland SPCA