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Two young puppies, Luca and Manny are clinging to life...

These two helpless little puppies came to the Maryland SPCA weak and listless. Our medical team sprang into action—it was evident they needed urgent medical care. They have parvo, a deadly disease that attacks the digestive track of puppies and unvaccinated dogs. If untreated, the mortality rate is 100%.

Luca and Manny were immediately transported to Pet+E.R., the Maryland SPCA’s partnering emergency medical services provider where they could receive the most comprehensive, around-the-clock, critical care they desperately needed for a chance to survive.

Because there is no way of knowing how long the puppies had parvo, it is still too early to know if the treatment will save them. But, we won’t give up on Luca and Manny. While still in critical condition, the medical care they are receiving right now is giving them the best chance to recover. Our medical team is optimistic.

Luca and Manny's intensive, life-saving care is costly. Their medicals bills have currently reached $5,000, and that amount is growing daily as we do everything medically possible to help them live. Treating parvo requires weeks of medical care and close monitoring.

Because of friends like you, the Maryland SPCA can help pets who need emergency, life-saving medical treatment. Luca and Manny can’t tell us how they feel, but one look into their trusting little eyes tells us they understand that we’re doing everything we can to help them fight their battle with parvo. Help these precious puppies in their battle by making your life-saving gift, now.

Thank you for your support. We will continue to update you on their health status.