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04/26/2015: Today’s March for the Animals has been postponed.

For more information on how you can still help pets at the MD SPCA, click here.

List of the local shelters to check for lost pets:

Central Maryland Animal Shelters:

Anne Arundel County Animal Control
410-222-8900 or fax 410-222-8915

Anne Arundel County SPCA
410-268-4388 or fax 410-268-8027

Baltimore City Animal Control
410-396-4694 or fax 410-396-7332

Baltimore County Animal Control
410-887-5961 or fax 410-817-4257

Baltimore County Humane Society
410-833-8848 or fax 410-833-9251

Carroll County Humane Society
410-848-4810 or fax 410-875-9736

Humane Society of Harford County
410-836-1090 or fax 410-877-3788

Howard County Animal Control
410-313-2780 or fax 410-313-2720

Howard County Animal Welfare
410-465-4350 or fax 410-480-4316