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The KB Fund was started after a dog, KB, was tragically discovered having been set on fire in Baltimore County. The Maryland SPCA reached out to Baltimore County Animal Control, who had taken the dog in. We asked the community for funds to help pay for his care at Pet ER. He had a long recovery period, but his injuries did heal, and happily, he was adopted.  The funds raised paid for his care and we shared with donors that anything in addition would go to helping other unowned animals with emergency medical care needs.  We have used it to help any strays who come in needing emergency medical including surgeries to repair broken bones and any x-rays that need to be taken of pets in our care. While our facility is growing to accommodate these animals' needs, we currently send the pets out to veterinarians who can.  The KB Fund is used to pay for those medical bills.

Three-month-old Eva needs your help!

URGENT: Walking outside her home to get ready to go to work, a Good Samaritan found Eva (pictured above), an innocent, three-month-old puppy, lying on the sidewalk. Eva was kicking only her hind legs and crying-out in agonizing pain. It was immediately evident that something was terribly wrong with Eva's front legs. She was unable to walk, or even lift her head from the ground. The bottom of her tiny chin was also scraped, from trying to propel herself towards help using only her back feet. Both of her legs appeared to be broken. Although very scared, Eva was trusting enough to allow her rescuer to pick her up and bring her to the Maryland SPCA for help.

Eva was rushed to our exam room where vet staff immediately took action to make her more comfortable as her injuries were assessed. X-rays confirmed that both Eva's front legs were badly fractured and, after consulting with a local orthopedic specialist, determined that she will need at least two extensive surgeries to mend her legs.

The cost to provide the medical and life-changing surgery Eva needs to walk pain-free is $4,500. This is a timely matter and we need your help IMMEDIATELY to raise these funds. 

Please help us and support Eva and her urgent medical needs. The MD SPCA receives no funding from the government or the ASPCA. We are able to help pets like Eva because of community support and donations to our KB Fund, a 100% donor-funded program for emergency medical care.


Great news! Thanks to your kindness and generosity, Eva's life-changing surgery needed to repair her injured front legs was covered. Eva is currently resting comfortably at Chesapeake Veterinary Surgical Specialists in Towson (CVSS) and her prognosis is good. Eva's recovery time is expected to last at least eight weeks. She will receive lots of love and attention in foster care as her young body heals. Because of community support and generous donations to our KB Fund, a 100% donor-funded program for emergency medical care, we are able to help pets like Eva. THANK YOU for stepping in to help cover Eva's surgery that was greatly discounted by CVSS. YOU gave Eva a second chance! YOU made a difference! Any additional funds received will remain in our KB Fund so we can continue to help other pets in need.

​To make a donation over the phone, please call Lisa Kenney @ 410-235-8826 ex. 135.

Your KB Fund Donation Saves Lives!