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The KB Fund was started after a dog, KB, was tragically discovered having been set on fire in Baltimore County. The Maryland SPCA reached out to Baltimore County Animal Control, who had taken the dog in. We asked the community for funds to help pay for his care at Pet ER. He had a long recovery period, but his injuries did heal, and happily, he was adopted.  The funds raised paid for his care and we shared with donors that anything in addition would go to helping other unowned animals with emergency medical care needs.  We have used it to help any strays who come in needing emergency medical including surgeries to repair broken bones and any x-rays that need to be taken of pets in our care. While our facility is growing to accomidate these animals' needs, we currently send the pets out to veterinarians who can.  The KB Fund is used to pay for those medical bills.

Two adorable little puppies, Flapjack and Penguin are battling parvovirus, a terrible illness that targets young puppies. Flapjack and Penguin are two of the 20 puppies the Maryland SPCA rescued after animal control seized them from a Baltimore home last week. Found living in cramped and unsanitary cages, the poor puppies had no food or access to water. After being transported to our adoption center, we were able to find homes for some of the puppies. Smaller puppies including Flapjack and Penguin, were sent to foster care for time to grow.

Little Flapjack and his sister Penguin, who weigh only six pounds, were transported to a local emergency veterinary clinic where around-the-clock medical care began. While they aren’t out of danger yet, they are responding to their medical treatment which could continue for several more weeks. We continue to monitor all of the other puppies for symptoms.

The cost to provide the necessary treatment and care to give these two puppy siblings a chance to live a long and healthy life, is estimated to be more than $5,000. The MD SPCA receives no funding from the government or the ASPCA. We are able to help pets like Flapjack and Penguin because of community support and donations to our KB Fund*, a 100% donor-funded program. 

Help us save Flapjack and Penguin by making a donation to our KB Fund.

Flapjack and Penguin can’t tell us how they feel, but one look into their trusting little eyes tells us they understand that we’re doing all that we can to help them continue their fight to beat this life-threatening illness. You, too, can help Flapjack and Penguin in their battle. Please make your generous gift today. Thank you!

​[To make a donation over the phone, please call Lisa Kenney @ 410-235-8826 ex. 135]

Your KB Fund Donation Saves Lives!