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Canine Good Citizen is a title your dog can earn, which will help lay the foundation for your dog becoming a well-respected and welcome member of the community. For more information about the AKC's Canine Good Citizen, click here.

This is a five week course which includes the test needed at the end to earn the title. Completion of the course does not guarantee your dog will pass the test, but you will have the opportunity to retest if you desire. Space is limited to 4 dogs per class. CGC prep and testing is $125.  Retest is $25. You will be provided with the paperwork necessary to file for the official AKC certificate and title.


Important Details:

  • Bring treats that your dog loves to every class.
  • All dogs should be wearing a buckle collar attached to a 4'-6' foot leash. Retractable leashes, prong and choke collars, chains and ropes are not allowed.
  • Special collars and harnesses will be available for sale at class.
  • Any dog who is ill or presents a potential danger to people or other dogs, or whose owner is abusive in class, may be asked not to participate, at the instructor's discretion.
  • No refunds will be made after the start of class. If there is an unforeseen emergency, please contact the instructor.