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Note from 2016 Lifesavers Club Chairs Diane and Peter Nachtwey: Your Donations at Work

You belong to an exceptional group of supporters whose gifts help the Maryland SPCA meet its areas of greatest need. Supporters like you, who generously gave $1,000 or more in a calendar year, brought in $1,036,000 from more than 300 supporters last year. With your support, we were able to serve 15,000 pets through our spay/neuter, adoption, wellness, behavior and outreach services.

With your support, we’re confident that we will get what is needed to care for the homeless and abandoned pets in our community. Check out the chart to the right. As you can see, half of our $5 million annual budget comes from generous individuals like you!  Online donations can be made through our secure server by clicking the blue button below.

Make your 2016 donation today!

Alternatively, you can mail your contribution to: Maryland SPCA, Development Office, 3300 Falls Road, Baltimore, MD 21211 or contact Jennifer Mion at jmion@mdspca.org or call 410-235-8826 x133 to make a credit card gift over the phone.

View our 2016 Lifesavers Newsletter


2015 Lifesavers Club

Founders Circle - $25,000+:

Laverna Hahn Charitable Trust, William H. Miller III, Joanne and Mark Pollak, Saul Zaentz Charitable Trust

1869 Circle - $10,000-$24,999:

Peter and Anne Askew, David and Eric Beard-Sackett, Rebecca Besson and Stuart Cooper, The Besson’s Landing Foundation, Inc., Sibley and Ward Classen, Lacie and Eric DeCosta, Nancy Dorman and Stanley Mazaroff, Elizabeth Drigotas, Robert Brager and Judith Golding, Dave Imre and Tom Crusse, Evelyn Johnson, Charitable Foundation, Inc., Sharon Kroupa, Amy and Charles Lester, Diane and Peter Nachtwey, Ginna Naylor and Jim Potter, O’Neil Family Foundation, Don and Sandy Pyle Charitable Foundation, Inc., Jonathan Ruckdeschel and Jane O’Leary, Charlotte and Randy Robinson, Richard M. Ruane, Anne L. Stone, Trust U/W of Helen M. Hughes, USALCO, LLC, Peter and Marylu Wallerich, Whiteford, Taylor & Preston

Humane Heroes Circle - $5,000-$9,999:

Ted Alban, Anonymous (1), Baltimore County Kennel Club, Inc., Day and Ray Bank, Randy Befumo and Andrea O’Dell, Bonnie and David Bonn, Robin and Toby Bozzuto, Randy Brinton and Hillary Michaud, Cathy Cahnmann, Tracey and John Chessare and the Charlotte Palmer , Phillips Foundation, Karen and John Colvin, Bruce and Lindsay Fleming/CANUSA, Patricia Gallagher, Martha and Tad Glenn, Charles O. Goldsmith, Jr., George Grose and Amy Macht, Rebecca Gyi, Bear Hansen, Jacksonville Jaguars Foundation, Inc., Legg Mason, Bill Magruder, Patricia B. Maring, Patricia A. Metz, Beverly and John Michel, Petco, R&H Toyota, Joan S. & Rajeev Ranadive, Jeanne and Tom St. Ville, Jeff Sube, Kay and Cliff Terry, Elizabeth and George Van Dyke, Dorothy Wagner Wallis Charitable Trust , Chris and Jim Wright

Evergreen on the Falls Circle - $2,500-$4,999:

Susan and Mark Adams, Elizabeth and Kenneth Aneckstein, Drs. Katie and Eric Bass, Aurelia and Perry Bolton, Barbara Boudreau and Donna Arbuthnot, Anne and Toby Broadus, Ann and Brian Brooke, Harold and Glenda Brooks, Jennifer & William Burgy/The Progress Family Foundation, Inc., Greg Byers, Ann Clapp, Delores Cress, James Crider, Dina and George Davis, Richard DeMeo, Cheryl and Roger Fiery, Janet Freeze and John F. Rediske, Neal Friedlander and Virginia Adams, Jonathan Gargiulo and Stiles T. Colwill, Spaulding and Cynthia Goetze, Harvey Goldberg, Claire and Inayat Inayatullah, Kimberly Jackson, Rodica I. Johnson, Louise Keelty, Dr. Joan D. Kramer, Jennifer and Jeff Pruitt, Steve Leaderman, Robert H. Leininger, Jody and Jim Lemken, Vicki Margolis, Adelbert W. Mears Trust, Edward and Katherine Mitzel, James A. Moro, Martin Neary, Rodney and Cathy Ortel, Linda Lee Panlilio, Betty W. Parker, Michelle Pasternack, PayPal, Mary-Ann and Wally Pinkard, Peter Rennert, John Reynolds, Adam Rice, Gail & James Riepe Family Foundation, Rouse Company Foundation, Karen Schaefer, Linda Schneidereith, Barbara and Albert Simmons, Peter Spolarich, Jamie Mason and Paul Stagg, Janice Urban, Elsie van Buren, The Elsie P. van Buren Foundation, Mrs. Dorothy M. Ward, Marie and John Wells, Mildred Wells, Anne and Chris West, Paul Wolman, Judith A. Wood, Jeanne and Kurt Aarsand, Matthew Adkins, Dr. Mahmood and Linda Alikhan, Ammon Heisler Sachs Architects, Anonymous (8), Banner & Witcoff, LTD, Beth Ashton, Brenda Ashworth and Donald Welch, Ilene Asner and Rick Kramer, Charlotte and Rishpal Aujla, Susan Baisley, William P. Baker, Matthew Ball, The Susan A. and Kenneth S. Battye Fund, John Bennett, The Hon. Helen D. Bentley, The Berguis Family, Jules Berman, Tien Le and Clarke Bessent, Jeanne and Michael Biemer, Sylvia Binder, Bobbie and Glen Bjorklund, Cheryl and John Blenko, John & Carolyn Boitnott, Bonnie & John Boland, Ph.D.s, Janet and Greg Boss, Evelyn Brian, Brian Brown, Howard Brown, Dr. Lynn Buhler, Pearl and Ronald Burdynski, Gina Campbell, Judith Campbell-McKennis, Arnold Capute, Jennifer Carle, Jeremy Cassels-Smith, Shawn and Francisco Castellanos, Michael Cirangle, Barbara and Jonathan Clapp, Kathleen Coakley, Laura and David Cole, Deb and John Colmers, Keith Counsell, Anne Culbertson, Diane Curry, Barry Daly and Jane Dowling, Helen Davis, Nancy Glazer Dickman Family Foundation, Shelley and Peter Donald, Sharon and Gary Dorsch, The Eliasberg Family Foundation, Inc., Hartley C. Etheridge, Shirley Evans, John Fioramonti, Stephen W. Fisher, Charles S. Fiske, Ruth and Bernard Fleishman, Pam Flemke, Charlene Fletcher, Mr. and Mrs. Ferrell W. Furr, Lora and Greg Gann, Thomas Gayler, Susan Gillette, James F. Gilroy, Doug & Corie Godine, Francine Graillot-Holman, Evan Green, Joyce and Clarke Griffin, Michelle and John Guinee, Mary Therese Gyi, Mary and John Hammond, Rebecca Hanst, James Hart III, Joshua Hart, Faith and John Hawks, James Hawthorne, William Hazlehurst, Mary Jean Herron, Mary and Charles Hesdorffer, Donna and Steve Hill, Heather Holt, Garry E. Hopple, Hunt Valley Tile & Stone, Kelly and Richard Hupfeld, Kate and Erland Jakobsen, Margaret S. Johnson, Jeff Kalinowski, Margaret Keating, Dr. Gabor Kelen, Richard Kendrick, Rick and Carol Kenney, Townsend and Bob Kent, Mary Ellen Kiehne, Bonnie and Alan Kingman, Patricia Kinlock, Susan Kirchner, Dawn Kirstaetter, Regina Kotowski, Bruce Kramer, Ruth Finglass and Kevin Kubach, Carolyn Kulbicki, Karen LaGrasta, Sherri Landauer, John Lawrence,  Carin and Brian Lazarus, Susie and Sam Macfarlane, Drs. Ciro R. Martins and Thomas W. Koenig, Rand Mason, Maxim Healthcare Services, Catherine McCahan, Sandy McLelland, John and Laura McNulty, Jim and Leslie Meek, Nancy Mitchell, Janet Mohr, Yvonne Molotsi, Sandra and Frank Morabito, Amy Mullen, Howard C. & Marguerite E. Muller, Charitable Foundation, Celeste Nader, Irvin S. Naylor, Robert Nelson, Jr., Amy Newhall, Jill Gerston Newman & Jay Newman, Margaret Obrecht, Patrick Offutt, Carole and Bill Oliver, Sheila M. O’Neill, Amanda Owens, Anna M. Page,  Sally Palmbaum, Diane Pappas, James Patton, Thomas Payne, Alan Penczek, Margaret Peterson, Marilyn Phelps, Bryan Pieragostini, Karin Piorreck, Rollin C. Plitt, Julie and Tim Polanowski, Linda Reiter, Pauline Reznicek, Nicole Ripken, Paul and Tammy Rivas, Barbara Robinson, Stephen Rosenbaum, Cynthia and Peter Rosenwald, Patricia and Robert Rubino, Amanda Santanello, Elaine and Bob Schaefer, Barry Schapiro, Anne L. Schepler, Howard and Fran Schloss, Stuart Cook and Linda Schneider, Betsy and Stephen Scott, Diane and Joe Seeger, Don and Deborah Selig, Shepard Family Private Foundation, Mengli Shi, Joseph and Kristie Shields, Ashley Short, William C. Sigismondi, Paul and Emily Singer Family Foundation, Sandra Skidmore, Rona and Norman Smith, Taylor Spencer, Carole Stafford, Phyllis Steiner, Robert and Barbara Stevenson, Doris Sweet, Janet and Lee Taylor, Kathy Thomas, Laura and George Thomas, Sarah Thomas,  Cindy and Frederick Thompson, Richard Thornton, Peter S. Tinsley, Jennifer Tittsworth, Susan Tonascia, Barry Vaughan, Joseph Verbalis, Drs. Estelle C. Ward and Jeffrey L. Ward, Stephanie Warlick, Mark Warren, Mary Jane and Sherren Waung, Michael Plaisted and Margaret Webbert, Sylvia Eggleston-Wehr and Dr. Richard Johnson, Welch Mechanical Designs LLC, Brian Wesner, Allison and Jay West, Butch and Peggy West, Mark E. Wible, Jr., Mary and Scott Wieler, Sandra L. Wighton, Barbara and F. L. Wilson, Michelle Wittig,  Andi and Dan Worthington, Dorothy and Rian Yaffe, William Young, Carol Younts