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Sir Mittens

Domestic Short Hair

Small, Male
Orange  / White

8 Years 8 Months 1 Week (approx)

  • My health has been checked.
  • My vaccinations are up to date.
  • My worming is up-to-date.
  • I have been neutered.
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AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION FROM FOSTER Hi, my name is Sir Mittens and I've been hanging out in a foster home because the shelter stresses me out and I stop eating when I'm stressed. My foster fam thinks I'm just the coolest cat, here's what they have to say about me: Personality: Mittens is a chill, sweet, cat. He may seem shy at first, but after some time, he'll let you pet him on the head and along his back, he'll follow you in and out of rooms, and may let you know he's hungry with a little meow. He seems to get along well with other cats his age. He likes to be surrounded: hanging out in a crate, inside a box, or under a chair, he likes to play and nap in these safe surroundings. He also has been seen grooming and napping inside the round cylinder of the scratching post (photo attached). He doesn't like to be held. He will give a little quick nip or touch his mouth to your hand if he's being pet in a place he does't like. Playtime: he likes to chase colorful noisy balls and colorful string and wand, he'll like playing while he's under a chair, using his mitts to "catch" and pounce on things that catch his eye. When he's playing he purrs and rolls on his back. Quirks: he might lick plastic objects- like sheets of plastic, plastic bags. I have not seen him eat them, just sniff and lick them. In foster care, he's been exposed to different cats- and gets along mostly with cats his size. He's been exposed to adults, and doesn't seem to be too scared: he stays in the room when a new human is present. He has not met children or dogs while in foster care. He's like scratching posts, likes jumping onto window sills. He likes napping in the sun. We hope to find him a forever home soon! Sir Mittens has been diagnosed with Early Renal Insufficiency, but he doesn't let that get him down--as long as he eats his special prescription food he is okay. He might require more vet checks than the average cat to ensure he's staying in tip top shape. If you would like to meet Sir Mittens, please contact foster@mdspca.org to make an appointment. Finding The Right Pet

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