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Domestic Short Hair

Small, Male
White  / Black

0 Years 11 Months 3 Weeks (approx)

  • My health has been checked.
  • My vaccinations are up to date.
  • My worming is up-to-date.
  • I have been neutered.
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Hey future adopter! My name is Flanakin, well whatever you want to call me because I won't respond unless I feel like it. My favorite things to do? I love playing in your hair, sitting on your head or creepily staring at you from the other side of the room. I lovvvvveee cat friends and my ideal forever home will have cats in it who will play with me for hours. I have a condition where my body creates extra mucus, kind of like human allergies, well at least this is what my foster mom tells me because I don't know any better. How about I just let her finish for me... Flanakin is a unique kitty. We love him to pieces and are excited he is ready for his forever home. He is destined to make someone very happy. We took Flanakin after his specialist appointments and not finding a sure diagnosis for his health "issues." He has a rare condition that causes his body to produce extra mucus which doesn't drain very well. Sometimes this means he sounds like Darth Vader :D and sometimes he gets the sneezes. He has been to the specialist and doesn't have any type of polyp but it's likely whatever is causing the issue will be long term. It doesn't change his personality or energy whatsoever and he eats and uses the litter box like a normal cat and it is not contagious. We give him a supplement that is for sinus congestion and it has definitely been improving. Long term he may need the supplement or occasional steam baths but neither of those things are difficult to do. If you are interested in meeting Flanakin or learing more about him please feel free to contact me at kthomas@mdspca.org. Finding The Right Pet

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